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Quick Look at EFM 2022 ¡Chilean producers and projects not to be missed!

February 9, 2022

Check out the 4 Chilean producers who will participate in the Berlinale EFM in the search for alliances to achieve the development stage, completion stage and sales of their projects, outlining the future of Chilean cinema and series in fiction, documentary and animation.

These Chilean professionals have the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage with the goal of promoting the work of the Chilean audiovisual industry in the European Film Market, which will be carried out in virtual mode due to the conditions imposed by the pandemic in Germany.

Daniela Raviola (Juntos Films)

She is the producer behind the films such as The Other by Francisco Bermejo (Visions du Réel, 2020); Gran Avenida by Moisés Sepúlveda and La Taza Rota by Esteban Cabezas, and with extensive experience in animation as the general producer of Chile’s main animation festival, Chilemonos and MAI! Animation Market. She is currently the vice president of the Association of Independent Producers of Chile (API), arriving at the market to present the project Body Combat, by Francisco Hervé, a 90’ minute fictional drama that portrays the journey to the origin of violence in Chile. The film tells the story of a teacher with a sick father, a son who suffers bullying and the decision to perform urban interventions that begin with irreverent dances, but end up with a fire and a dying policeman. The film is still in development stage and looks to meet co-producers during the EFM.


Maximiliano Scheleff (Pajaraza Films)

Founder of Pajareza (2016) along with Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz, partners that created a space for feature films and television series with an artistic approach rooted in Latin American culture that explores relevant and powerful issues such as justice, love, solitude and belonging. To this new version of the EFM, they bring with them the film Tierra del Señor by Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz, which is still in development stage, and tells the story of a young Mapuche man who tries to move up in the ranks of the national police, Carabineros de Chile, by getting involved in the ongoing corruption within the institution, thus distancing himself from his past life.It arrives at the market looking for co-production.


María Elena Wood (María Wood Producciones)

Outstanding producer and director with more than 30 years of experience in the creation and production of television content, she will be promoting at EFM Niños de Contrabando by Matías Bize (La memoria del agua, Best director, Huelva Film Festival 2015), a drama series based on a true story that unmasks a network of Chilean children trafficked abroad, a developing series in search of co-production.


Giancarlo Nasi (Quijote Films)

Is the producer and the face of one of the most experienced production houses in Chile, with films that have been premiered in Cannes, Venice, Berlin and San Sebastián, with more than 23 works to date.  At the EFM he brings The Mysterious Gaze of the Flamingo, Diego Céspedes’ debut film (The Summer of the Electric Lion, Cinefondation de Cannes 2019). The 90′ minute LGBTQ+ film portrays the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s in a mining town in northern Chile. Winner of the Irusoin Award for Postproduction of the San Sebastian Industry 2020, comes to the market looking for financement to complete its development.


Check here our presskit for the complete information of the Chilean delegation!