Cinema Chile

What is CinemaChile?

We are the international promotion agency of Chilean audiovisual industry where: cinema, television, fiction, documentary, animation and virtual reality are our raw materials, and whose job is to present them to the world under the already renowned umbrella of CinemaChile.


How was it created?

In 2009, the Association of Film and Television Producers (APCT), thanks to ProChile’s “Sectoral Brands” program, created CinemaChile as the international promotion agency for the Chilean audiovisual industry. CinemaChile has been behind Chile’s successful positioning in the world as an exceptional beacon for cinematography, creating a work model and an innovative methodology for the promotion and production of an integral audiovisual, without distinction of genres nor formats.

We have been involved in multiple success stories over the past fourteen years, such as A Fantastic Woman by Sebastián Lelio, the first Chilean film to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2018 and The Cordillera of Dreams, the first Chilean documentary to win the award for Best Ibero-American Film at the 2022 Goya.

To this great journey in the Chilean audiovisual, there is also the support for nomination campaigns such as The Mole Agent, nominated for an Oscar in 2021, the first documentary in the history of Chilean cinema and a woman filmmaker to get there, as well as in the two cases of animation film history with Bear Story by Gabriel Osorio, winner of the Oscar for Best Animation Short in 2014 and the nomination in 2022 also in the same category of Beast by Hugo Covarrubias.


Our mission

For the CinemaChile team the international positioning of the Chilean audiovisual sector has a multiple approach and it is part of our mission that all associations of companies or professionals in the audiovisual sector can benefit, as well as independent professionals who aspire to create new connections in the international circuit through our different platforms, communication actions and networks.

Within our actions we also seek that all Chilean professionals can benefit from the networks of contacts and expertise developed by the sector brand, participate in activities and events organized by CinemaChile, be included in the International Catalogs (Film or Television) which are published annually;  and other promotional graphic pieces (presskit in international markets and festivals), dissemination of their contents on our communication platforms, direct orientation in the markets, among other actions that have had successful results and benefit transversely the sector without the need to belong to the Association of Film and Television Producers (APCT)


We promote Chilean films and series

– To facilitate the positioning of our productions both in A class festivals and in industry meetings. This participation increases the marketing value of our products in the international market, as well as facilitates that productions in serial, virtual or animated formats, participate in the most important meetings worldwide.

– To Develop strategic and commercial marketing that makes the national audiovisual offer attractive in the foreign market.

– To Maintain constant interaction with all professionals in the national and international audiovisual industry, including media specialized in the film and TV industry at a global level.

– To Contribute to the professionalization of the sector.

– Biannual and annual studies on the participation and awards obtained by the Chilean audiovisual industry around the world.

– We promote the different Chilean productions and projects (fiction, documentary, animation, virtual reality, other media), and their different formats, in the festivals, markets or international industry spaces that CinemaChile attends to.

– We maintain contact and create connections between the national and global audiovisual industry, with special emphasis on buyers, producers, programmers, distributors and specialized media.

– We facilitate the presence of the national delegations that attend each festival and market in which CinemaChile participates, making available to Chilean professionals spaces for the promotion of their work (web platform, social media, promotional pieces, events, among others).

– We promote the work (news) and achievements of the Chilean audiovisual in specialized media and also in our social media.

– We generate business agendas and commercial networks, both in individual meetings and in events of international scope.

– We produce annual publications such as the International Film Catalog and the International Television and Series Catalog , to facilitate the work of international intermediaries and prestigious festivals.

– We organize and hold seminars and talks aimed at the Chilean audiovisual industry through actions such as our CinemaChile Market Lab. The important meeting arises from the experience of both CinemaChile and national and international professionals who participate in foreign markets and festivals, materializing knowledge and work through these academic and formative activities, with a focus on training for the international market.



  • Gabriela Sandoval
  • Alexandra Galvis
    Vice president
  • Cristián Leighton
  • Sebastián Freund
  • Juan De Dios Larraín
  • Macarena Cardone