Cinema Chile


November 26, 2022

The last months of the year have been marked by the successful return of Chile to markets and international festivals 100% face-to-face. A year that has left us amazed by the different cases of successes in Chilean audiovisual such as the large number of awards only until November or the successful premieres that Chilean productions have had in VOD platforms during 2022.

For this edition of Ventana Sur, the last big international market that is lived annually, we have created the penultimate summary of this 2022, a vibrant year and full of surprises for the Chilean audiovisual, that begins to bid farewell to its great journey across international markets and festivals and to warm up engines for this 2023.

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As every year, the Chilean Film Academy already has the names of the two candidates to represent Chile in important international awards. Blanquita (Venice Film Festival), directed by Fernando Guzzoni, will run to represent Chile at the 95th edition of the Oscar Awards, while 1976 (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Cannes)  Manuela Martelli will run to represent Chile in the nomination for Best Ibero-American Film at the 37th Goya Awards.

Both productions have had great success after their international premieres during this year, being awarded by important festivals worldwide and acclaimed by the specialized critics.


The effervescent year of Chilean cinema is highlighted by the large number of awards that have received national productions in meetings worldwide.

From January to June this year alone, the Chilean audiovisual industry shone with 45 awards in official and industry sections. During the last months this has continued to increase, and just between October and November we have earned another 23 awards.

We invite you to take a look at the official analysis carried out by CinemaChile on our website, as well as exclusive interviews and screenings for the audiovisual during 2023.



Chilean productions have become a market to consider for streaming platforms. The tremendous growth of these productions and the evolution, in addition to the success cases in the Chilean audiovisual, have helped promote the 8 productions of this 2022 on VOD platforms.



During this 2022 the presence of women in the Chilean audiovisual in markets and festivals around the world stands out.

In this same line there are more than 33 awards for productions that make visible the great female cinematographic talent, highlighting the innovative spirit and creations such as: The Mole Agent; Alis; My brothers dream awake; 1976; #normasdegénerobinaria:niñas ; Malqueridas; The Fire Doll; Desert Stars; A place called Dignity, among others, as well as their presence in markets with projects suchs as: Señorita de buena presencia; Una mujer quiere morir; Hijas únicas y Dónde el cielo toca tierra.



The new technologies have given impetus to a wave of works that begin to innovate with various techniques and themes around animation and virtual reality.

After Bear Story marking an unprecedented milestone as the first Chilean production and the first Latin American animation to win an Oscar and this year’s nomination for Beast, In the same contest this makes it clear that we are welcoming a new generation of Chilean authors who explore new formats, mixing analog and digital techniques, which combine genres such as documentary and fiction, the child with terror, the real and the surreal.

During this year alone more than 10 productions and projects such as:  Beast, #normasdegénerobinaria:girls, Ancestral Secret VR, Winnipeg el Barco de la Esperanza, Microeathlings and Galactic Puppy, among others have participated in international markets. Projects that continue to innovate in their aesthetic and narrative resources and that augur a great success for the new calligraphy of the Chilean audiovisual.