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July 4, 2023

New of the month you can’t miss.

If you missed the June news or were distracted, Don’t worry! Here is all you need to know. A month full of good news and great encounters for the Chilean audiovisual, wrapping up a very productive first semester of 2023.

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CinemaChile travels the world

That’s right! We’ve toured more than 4 countries over the last few months with large delegations and promising projects that you’ll soon see on screens. But that’s not all, during this first semester we also published our beloved International Catalog of Chilean cinema, have you checked it out?

If you haven’t already, we invite you to browse our digital edition and download the info of the 149 productions that are part of this catalog. 

Relive the creation process here!

Catálogo Internacional de Cine chileno 2023

The top news of the Chilean audiovisual

In June we took off to Mexico and Spain!

16 production companies in FICG and 8 production companies in Conecta Fiction joined the last two international markets of this first semester, where the Chilean presence dazzled in important industry meetings, pitch and networking activities.

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Professionals who dazzle outside of Chile

After a successful premiere in Chile and debuting in May on Netflix, Sebastián Freund , producer of The Lulu Club, spoke exclusively with CinemaChile to tell us about future remakes and the process of creating the film co-produced with Argentina. Did you see the interview? Here you can relive all the details!

Meet new faces of Chilean audiovisual

María Ignacia Hargreaves and Guillermo Arias are co-directors of Ánima del amanecer, a short stop motion film by TrashTower that was selected during June at the SMOF Stop Motion Our Fest in Buenos Aires.

A story inspired by Plato’s “Allegory of the Cavern” and reflection on imposed reality versus reality validated by one’s own emotional and sensory experience.

Both directors know each other from collaborating with the production company Diluvio. During their career they have experimented with outdoor stop motion animation, graffiti, waste collection, large-scale puppet construction, timelapse, claymation and digital animation, in addition to working with prominent animation directors such as Cristóbal León , Joaquin Cociña, Niles Atallah and Ari Aster.

Together they discover the Trash Motion, a term they coin to define animation with waste and recycling. Their work consists of disused elements and scrap and in this way, taking advantage of the things that have at their disposal, propose to create fiction in a sustainable way.

Discover the participation of Chileans worlwide

  •  6-16 july: Six Chilean feature films will be shown at Filmin, the online film platform created in Spain.
  • 4- 6 july: Vitanuova by Niles Atallah will participate in the Flash Competition of FIDMarselle
  • 6-9 July : AliEN0089 by Valeria Hofmann will participate in the official competition of Tabor Film Festival
  • 21-30 July : AliEN0089 by Valeria Hofmann will participate in the official competition of Aegean Film Festival
  • 20-31 July : AliEN0089 by Valeria Hofmann will participate in the official selection of Guanajuato Film Festival