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January 25, 2023

Before the premiere in Miami of «Breaking and Entering», we spoke with Camila Rodó, producer of the new film directed by Tomás Gonzalez. Read here all the details exclusively..

After premiering in 2017 his short film Newentün and being part of Goes to Cannes in 2022 with Breaking and Entering. Tomás Gonzalez will have the world premiere of his feature film at the Ibero-American Film Festival in Miami.

The film has mixes of fiction with police thriller to tell a story inspired by real events. In 80 minutes, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the story of Matos, a detective who asks Commissioner Novoa for help to enter the prosecutor’s office and get rid of some recordings that accuse them of drug trafficking, torture and corruption.

Camila Rodó has accompanied the filmmaker’s creative process in his last two productions. On this occasion, his new feature film -which also begins with its distribution process- takes him to the beginning of his journey in festivals

How was it working with Tomás?

The work of the film has been quite collaborative. We worked a lot on researching the real history and the universe where it happened, and when we found the plot we wanted to tell Tomás and Sebastián Soto (co-scriptwriter) came up with the first versions of the script. Now that we are starting the distribution process, we are very happy to make the journey together with Storyboard Media so that our film can be known in the best way in Chile.

The possibility of premiering internationally at IAFFM is a great opportunity in a market we did not closely see. We expect it to be the catapult for other instances, and also, some screening deals” .
Camila Rodó

What facts motivated you to film “Breaking and Entering”?

The real case where a group of detectives were framed for forgery crimes of police records, torture and illegal arrests and raids.

This situation did not have much impact because during that period the Chilean national soccer team played World Cup qualifiers. That was the starting point for initiating the writing and development process, which focused on the last trails of these detectives trying to erase the traces of their crimes.

How was the investigative process from production and along with the team?

It was a process that gave a lot of space because not only did I seek to gather information about the case in which the story is inspired, but I had to give light on our characters and the universe where the events take place. Special emphasis was placed on interviews and research of the institutions to which the original participants belonged.

 “Breaking and Entering is born from a story of local crime, but it portrays a way of acting that we see replicated in other parts of our continent“.

What were the (3) most important milestones since production?

  • The first contribution by the executive producer Francesco Barbera is one of the most important steps in the production of the film.
  • Welcoming the main actor to the project. We were interested that he was an actor with a strong career in audiovisual, in that sense, the collaboration with Pablo Cerda has been fundamental.
  • Being selected for Sanfic Industria WIP. This is one of the strengths of the film’s life, as this instance opened the way for internalization of the project, allowing it to be shown at the Marché du Film of the Cannes Film Festival, in the Goes to Cannes instance.

How do you think the story will connect with audiences worldwide?

We believe that thriller and corruption are narratives that have a connection with people who regularly consume audiovisual products and is also a latent reality in Chile.

Breaking and Entering has a frenetic pace given by a counter-clock that is over its protagonists, so there is no time for contemplations. Betrayals are present in every corner, and from that intrigue we believe that the audience can connect with our film.