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Chile’s Industry trail of successes to celebrate the day of Audiovisual Heritage

October 27, 2023

October 27 is the International Day of Audiovisual Heritage, a moment that highlights the importance of preserving and promoting audiovisual creations as an essential part of cultural heritage.

CinemaChile congratulates the entire sector and stands out the remarkable increase in Chilean audiovisual production during the last three years, both nationally and internationally.

This increase has marked a milestone in the history of cinema and television in Chile. That is why we could not miss this opportunity and make a brief recap of these great milestones. Join us!

Important Awards Nominations

  • The Oscars with 2 nominations:  The Mole Agent by Maite Alberdi nominated for Best Documentary Feature (2021), Beast by Hugo Covarrubias nominated for Best Animated Short Film (2022). 
  • Goya Awards with 1 winner and 2 nominations: The Mole Agent by Maite Alberdi nominated for Best Iberoamerican Film (2021), The Cordillera of Dreams by Patricio Guzmán winner of the Goya Awards for Best Iberoamerican Film  (2022) 1976 by Manuela Martelli nominated for Best Iberoamerican Film (2023).
  • Platino Awards: Karnawal by Juan Pablo Felix 2 awards (2022), 1976 by Manuela Martelli Best First Feature Film, News of a Kidnapping with 5 awards (2023).
  • Tributes to career such as that of Pablo Larraín at the Huesca International Film Festival (Spain) and Biarritz Latin American Film Festival both during 2023.
  • From October 20 to January 10, 2024 the Austrian Film Museum pays tribute to director, artist and writer Raúl Ruiz with an extensive retrospective in collaboration with the Viennale. The retrospective will feature 39 productions by the director opening the retrospective with the recently released documentary El Realismo Socialista (1973-2023) by filmmakers Raúl Ruiz and Valeria Sarmiento, produced by Poestastros.
  • Tribute organized by the University of Princeton to Alfredo Castro in their headquarters and in the Metrograph Theater of New York.
  • Ignacio Agüero retrospective y tour with Documentaire sur Grand Écran “Le cinéma d’Ignacio Agüero, mémoire d’une dictature  (1973-2023)”.

Co-production: A world of opportunities

Over the last three years, Chile has forged co-production agreements with Germany (December 2022),  Spain (July 2023), Costa Rica (October 2023) and others. This with the goal of allowing better distribution in those markets and access to co-production funds from the countries of origin that open new financing doors for our country’s industry, as well as enhancing the presence of national talents, either artistic or technical.

But that’s not all, the audiovisual industry has more and more faces and this is demonstrated by Chilean actors and actresses working in international productions such as the consecrated Alfredo Castro and the outstanding actor Pedro Fontaine with whom we talked about the internationalization of Chilean talent in the last edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Check out the exclusive video here!

Chilean triumphant Winners of the last two years

Last year closed with 219 awards in 131 international meetings, marking a major achievement for the industry.

This success has continued in the first half of this year with an increase of 128% of awards compared to the same period (January-June) during 2022. A figure that predicts a great year by having increased 128% more than during the same period of 2022.

Graph, Study 2022 (January to June)

Graph, Study 2023 (January to June)

But this is certainly not all, as a result of the success of this first study, new statistics were generated as the Making Of of #8M to honor the Women of Chilean Audiovisual who leave their mark, not only in the most visible areas, but especially in the technical part of national productions.

The Role of the Audiovisual in the Promotion of History and Culture

This day is a key initiative by UNESCO and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA).

Through cinema, television and digital media, stories are transmitted that reflect the diversity and cultural identity of Chile, where various institutions and organizations work day by day to protect this cultural asset.

We give our thanks to APCT ; ProChile ; Ministerio de las Culturas las Artes y el Patrimonio ; API ; CORFO ; CNCA ; CNTV; ADOC ; ADG ; ChileDoc ; CineCCC ; Nosotras Audiovisuales ; CCDoc ; Cineteca Nacional ; Redsalascl, Miradocchile, among others for their grand work in supporting the national audiovisual industry.

¡Join us and share the richness of stories and audiovisual content that Chile has to offer!