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November 14, 2022

Meet the 6 Chilean producers who will participate in MIPCANCUN, in search of alliances to achieve the development, completion and sales of their projects, charting the future of Chilean series, both fiction, documentary as well as animation.

Chilean professionals have the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage with the goal of enhancing the work of the Chilean audiovisual industry in the most important serial content market in the region, which will be held from 13 to 16 November.


Santiago O´Ryan – Lunes

Creative Director, screenwriter, his original projects, both films, short films and series, have been screened in important international festivals such as Annecy, Hiroshima, Raindance, Havana, Cinélatino latino Rencontres de Toulouse, Mexico Shorts, Sanfic and Ottawa.

He is currently finalizing the production of a pre-school animation series Raffi and a short film about human rights. He will arrive in MIPCANCUN looking for co-production.

We are going with high expectations due to the quality of our projects and a new market experience that has an audience we want to reach. We are proud to show our new animated preschool series that we were developing for more than 3 years during the pandemic and had just finished to be screened



Isabel Rosemblatt – Dinogorila Creative Lab

She has extensive experience in animation projects and video games, such as the games Xentinelas Xelulares and Ouch! Both winners of the Iberoamerican ComKids Prix Jeunesse award and the VideoMed award from Spain.

Currently the executive producer arrives at MIPCANCUN with the project Locos Lab, which is in the scriptwriting stage and also has a video game, a webseries and a music album. The project is looking for a Broadcaster.

We are very happy to attend MIPCANCUN this year. We have many new stories we want to tell and we believe this is a great opportunity to meet new allies that allow us to grow these new stories


César Cabezas – Geckoanimacion

With a career of more than 22 years linked to the animation industry in Chile, Cesar has had an outstanding participation in international and national animation projects, and advertising.

He has collaborated in the production of various audiovisual pieces and for different formats. -Production in the stages of intercalation, clean up and color, for national 2D feature film, where Nahuel and the magic book (Disney+) stand out.

In this edition he comes to the market with Galactic Puppy, an animation adventure, which is in post-production stage and in search of distributors.

We started our participation in the last markets of MIPJUNIOR and MIPCOM. This experience was enriching as our first approach. At MIPCANCUN we want to achieve important things, we are currently developing three projects simultaneously and next year a new project is coming out too. Our main objective is to find sales agents, distributors and future co-producers for this range of projects


Sergio Gándara – Parox

During his career he has been known for producing national exportable content and also for engaging in foreign projects of high level of production and technical scope. In addition, his productions stand out in short films and TV series, such as Invisible Heroes, an ambitious Chilean-Finnish co-production that won the Europe Prix Award 2019 for Best European Series.

He currently arrives at MIPCANCUN with El peligro de quererte, a fictional drama that addresses gender identity. It is currently under development and will be in search of platforms and co-production



It has been an extremely profitable year for us to strengthen our projects and learn from international colleagues. MIPCANCUN is one of the most important markets in the region and has historically been a very favorable space to conclude agreements, where this time we will focus mainly on the project “El peligro de quererte” that seeks co-producers and international platforms



Karina Jury – 17Films

Chilean-Italian film and TV producer, specializing in international co-productions, with films such as Aquí y Ahora (Costa Rica-Chile), Vera de Verdad (Italy-Chile), among others, as well as the transmedia children’s project Hola Flinko (Chile-Colombia), which has a tv series, Live show, app and educational material, present today in Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Reaches the market with Microearthlings, a fictional adventure aimed at a children’s audience, which will be looking for distribution.


I am very grateful and happy to participate in MIPCANCUN, where for 4 days we will have the opportunity to present our proposals to the biggest players in Latin America, within the framework of a market with a different format that facilitates proximity and allows to obtain a broad vision on the trends and the current state of our industry in the Region


Macarena Cardone – Invercine

The executive producer of Chilean cinema and television has excelled during her career by following a production line around the creation of quality content and social relevance. Her experience has led her to produce more than 20 productions between feature films and television series, among which we can find: Bombal by Marcelo Ferrari  (2011); Las cosas como son by Fernando Lavanderos (2012) and the recent co-production with Colombia News of a kidnapping (2022), among others.

In this edition of MIPCANCUN, he will also be part of the MIP Cancun Talks panel COUNTRIES OF FOCUS : COLOMBIA AND CHILE , where both of the region’s most prolific production and creative countries will highlight their latest production and talent incentive initiatives.



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