Cinema Chile


August 24, 2023

Chilean audiovisual continues to grow internationally with 103 awards so far in 2023, 128% more than during the same period in 2022.

According to the study carried out by CinemaChile from January to June of this year, Chilean films have left their mark on important world-renowned festivals with 103 awards during the first semester, 58 more than in 2022. Starting from the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival to the prestigious Berlin Film Festival, Sundance, Málaga, Beijing and BAFICI, among others, Chilean productions have been on the spotlight of many international screens, attracting the attention of critics, film buffs and film professionals.

This initiative aims to highlight the quality and impact that Chilean productions have achieved on the international film scene, consolidating the country as a benchmark in audiovisual production in the region.

Join us and take a look at this study that we have done for the entire international and national industry!

An increase of 128% in awards in several continents

Let’s celebrate the worldwide triumphs of Chilean cinema! During this first semester, CinemaChile has carried out an in-depth study to highlight the awards and distinctions obtained by our talented filmmakers and their works in countries such as the United States (32), Spain (14)  and France (11) among others.

This historic international record that continues to increase, stands out in regards to the first semester of 2022, where there were a total of 45 international awards.

This statistical survey not only shows the high number of awards achieved in the first half of the year, but also the fact that they come from the most important meetings of the audiovisual industry, which highlights the high standard of our industry.

Ximena Baeza, Executive Director of CinemaChile


Narratives that shine abroad

Chilean audiovisual productions have left an indelible mark in different international awards ceremonies, where we see that the total of 103 awards correspond to 56 productions and projects that are consolidated for their quality and originality proposals.

Of this total number 47 awards correspond to short films, 32 awards to feature films, 12 awards to documentaries, 10 Awards to Series, 1 to animation and 1 to life achievement as it is the one that was awarded by the International Film Festival of Huesca (Spain) to the director Pablo Larraín.

56 Bold and daring narratives, with intimate and emotional stories, which have explored a wide range of themes and styles, capturing the attention of global audiences and captivating with their originality.


Chilean women directors who triumph internationally

During this first semester, Chilean audiovisual has experienced a remarkable impact thanks to the outstanding achievements of talented Chilean directors who were recognized with their productions.

These visionary women have won a total of 33 awards at renowned international festivals and competitions, which is equivalent to 32% of the total figure which undoubtedly generates a significant milestone on the country’s film industry and an inspiration to new generations of filmmakers. The success of these directors comes from productions such as The Eternal Memory by Maite Alberdi or 130 hermanos by Ainara Aparici; the short films Hola by Catherine Mazoyer and Desert Lights by Katherina Harder to new projects such as Sariri by Laura Donoso, Soy niño by Lorena Zilleruelo and Mañana/Pasado by Alejandra Andino who have won awards in industry programs to promote the development and completion of works, among other.


The success of co-productions

Audiovisual co-productions between Chile and other countries have proven to be a powerful platform for cultural exchange and creative collaboration.

During this first semester, these international alliances have been recognized with 32 awards (31% of the total number) reaffirming the importance of co-productions in the Chilean audiovisual scene.

The prizes won by co-productions with other countries are a testament to the success of this collaborative strategy that has developed in each market and festival, together with the different institutions that enhance the global projection of Chilean audiovisual and strengthen cultural ties between countries.