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Iberseries & Platino Industria: Chile lands with 9 selected projects and 14 Chilean delegates for this 2022 edition

September 26, 2022

The Chilean industry returns to the second edition of Iberseries & Platino Industria with a wide participation, twice as large as last 2021. There will be 6 projects that will be evaluated in the pitch section competitions, 2 projects selected in the showrunners workshop and 1 project in the Co-production Forum Platino Industria – SSIFF.

In the field of industry will also participate Macarena Cardone (Invercine) and Francisco Parra (Arbóreo Cine) delegates supported by CinemaChile and the Association of Film and Television Producers who will be present with their new projects in development.

Along with these two selected projects, within the panels, workshops, screenings and pitch, a delegation of 12 Chileans will be participating to represent their production companies and the different projects in the portfolio to seek new agreements, buyers, festivals and investors.

In this second year, the presence of the national industry will be led by CinemaChile and its representatives in charge, who will hold meetings to seek new alliances within the international industry.

The meeting is again positioned as a reference for the serial audiovisual sector with a wide programme of activities, aimed at both professionals and the general audience, as well as training instances, round tables, one-to-one meetings and screenings of the most anticipated series in Latin America.

In its first edition the official selection included expected Chilean productions such as: No nos quieren ver (Altirosapiens) and Los prisioneros (PAROX) in the CHAPTER ONE section and The Mole Agent (Micromundo Producciones) in Platino Cine.

Do you want to know more about the details and Chilean participation in the second edition of Iberseries? Here we tell you everything




Un total de 6 proyectos chilenos fueron seleccionados para participar en 5 de las 15 secciones independientes de pitch que se estarán llevando a cabo en el marco de Iberseries donde se realizarán exposiciones one to one de proyectos seriales y cinematográficos en etapa de desarrollo, producción, work in progress o terminados.

A total of 6 Chilean projects were selected to participate in 5 of the 15 independent pitch sections that will be carried out within the framework of Iberseries where one to one exhibitions of serial and cinematographic projects in development, production, work in progress or finished will be held

Pitch Sony Pictures Television

There are two Chilean projects that are selected in this category focused on series in development: Pistas by Michel Gajardo and Sudamerican Dream by Manuela Espiñeira.

Pitch Dopamine – Fiction Series

The projects selected by this company will focus on feature films and fiction series, where the projects Los mil días de Allende by Nicolás Acuña and the fiction series Happy will participate.

Pitch Punta Fina Factoría de Contenidos

Alumno de Intercambio by Francisca Fuenzalida is the Chilean selected to participate in Punta Fina Factoria, where projects will be eligible for the award for Audiovisual Literature: Golden Fish 2022.

Pitch Dandelooo – Tutorship

This instance will serve as guidance to animation projects in the development stage and unitary projects or animation series completed for distribution, where Primeras by Paloma Mora was selected



Chile’s presence continues to increase in the second edition of Iberseries & Platino Industria. The content lab selected Los mil días de Allende represented by Leonora González, and the co-production between Chile and Spain, Inche Kai Che, which will be represented by Pablo Unda. Both Chilean projects were chosen by the committee in this second edition of the Showrunners workshop.

The goal in this edition will be to offer specific training in the work of the showrunner, addressing the writing, production and management of projects, as well as handling and training the skills needed to successfully perform the tasks of the showrunner in a premium series today.



Platino Industria in collaboration with San Sebastián International Film Festival (SSIFF) has organized the Co-production Forum with a selection of ten projects, including one Chilean, who will be able to participate in Iberseries & Platino Industria 2022.

Antártica by Sebastián Araya Serrano

A science fiction and adventure film that tells the collective surprise that an expedition group in Antarctica will take when they find underground anomalies that years ago the Nazis discovered, also tracing an ancient pyramid, a finding that will call into question the reason for the expedition, and in turn, the origin of the human race.





As we already told you 14 production companies will be participating in the second edition of the market, among them producers Macarena Cardone (Invercine) and Francisco Parra (Arbóreo Cine) delegates supported by CinemaChile and the Association of Film and Television Producers who will be present with their new projects in development.



Independent production company focused on the production of high quality fiction content for massive and global audiences, arrives at Iberseries being represented by Francisco Parra, director of the series project The Storms, with which he won the award in the past CinemaChile Market Lab. The series is in development and will seek funding during its run through Madrid.

Iberseries can be useful for a project like The Storms, since having a universal premise and story is very adaptable to the needs of each country/market. So far we have many meetings scheduled with different producers of the international market, which will undoubtedly be a learning process and vital networking opportunity for the project and its future path to global screens.”



Production company with extensive experience in film and television. This time, lands with a proposal based on a novel by the Chilean writer Isabel Allende, whose book gives the title to the project Daughter of Fortune. It will be directed by Rodrigo Sepulveda and executive production features Macarena Cardone. It is in the script writing stage and hopes to find funding opportunities.

We are developing projects for different countries, in alliances with large partners and with multicultural teams. In that line, Daughter of Fortune is our first series filmed in Chile and the United States, in English, pointing to the Hispanic market of the US and UK, which is a good change to achieve filming with foreign talent in Chile.”

In addition, there will be a delegation of 12 Chilean professionals who highlight their new projects in portfolio, among them: 17 Films (Karina Jury); Afro Films (Sebastian Araya Serrano); Agosto Cine (Alba Gaviraghi); Clara Films (Clara Larraín); Fascinante Films (Lucio A. Rojas); Kungan Producciones (Michel Gajardo); Atomica (Gonzalo Carracedo); Maria Wood Producciones (Maria Elena Wood); MoveShot (Nicole Rubio)  PAROX (Leonora González and Sergio Gándara); Fabula (Juan Manuel Dartizio) and Epika Content (Francisca Fuenzalida Moure).


The section is a marketplace for the purchase and sale of fiction, docuseries and animation series from Latin America, Europe and the United States that have already been completed, where the two Chilean series Los prisioneros (Media Networks) and Demente (Megamedia Chile) will have their screenings with sales rights available on different platforms and territories.



In addition to all the great attendance in market sections and laboratories, renowned Chilean professionals will participate in the Conferences and Keynotes program of the second edition of Iberseries & Platino Industria.

There experts such as Adrián Solar; Julio Rojas; Maria Elena Wood and Sebastián Freund will be able to present their projects, platforms, as well as having the opportunity to discover talents and new narrative odds



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