Cinema Chile


May 17, 2022

Launched today to travel the world during the next 12 months, with 115 productions that make up all the national offer of feature films, shorts, fictions, documentaries and animations.

Another year and the awakening of a new catalogue begins now, as is already tradition, at the core of the Cannes Film Festival and its Marché du Film. This marks the beginning of the national participation in the French industry meeting event and a successful and very international year for Chilean cinema!

The design of this new edition, which today commences with a new cover and graphic overture, alludes to the awakening of a successful path for Chilean projects that will be present in the catalogue and premiered during the next 12 months around the world.


“For this edition we continue to be inspired by the idea of nature as a refuge, an idea that we have worked on since2021. Aware of the dichotomy of sunrise/sunset reading, one thing is clear: in the sunset as in the first rays of sunshine of the day, as long as CinemaChile exists, we will stand firm in our mission to deliver and communicate to the world, from our territory, Chilean cinematographic work and creation, even though we make smoke signals from time to time.” Javier Carrasco, CinemaChile Chief Designer.


Throughout 2021 and so far this year we have been able to reconnect after a long period of physical distance with festivals and international markets, where different productions that have been part of our previous catalogue 2021, have been able to participate and obtain awards at international festivals: The Sky is Red by Francisca Carbonell (Signis Award for Best Feature Film, Toulouse Festival 2021 ); Night Shot by Carolina Moscoso (Puma de Plata Award for Best Director, Ficunam 2021); Nicolas Postiglione’s Immersion (Special Jury Prize, Tallinn 2021 for )  and Matìas Bize’s Private Messages (Silver Biznaga for Best Editing for Rodrigo Saquel Malàga 2022) are just a few examples.

This 2022 the 115 productions present in the CinemaChile catalogue aspire to position themselves strongly in festivals and international markets. Together, the compendium of these new cinematographic works builds a collective narrative with multiple approaches, which has pieces by filmmakers with extensive experience along with the new perspectives of an independent and young Chilean cinema that is beginning to angle itself actively internationally.


“Our task as designers has had to live up to these 115 productions, between shorts and feature films, conceptualizing and shaping the projects that make up the point of view of this current present, under colors and images that tell us of new beginnings and a return to a face-to-face fashion, which culminates in a strong representativeness of all the themes that as Chileans we have known to inhabit in this last time in this active, diverse and conscious territory.” Catalina Cornejo , CinemaChile Designer.


Part of the spirit of our catalogue is to inspire a spark of discovery to industry agents, festivals and distributors. By taking these new pages, they feel that perhaps there will be the next Oscar winner with their first work or that unknown jewel that will make a festival program the pièce de résistance for its curators.


“Since 2010, CinemaChile has published the most complete film catalogue in our country, with a single goal: to promote the internationalization of each of the films that compose it. For us, the catalogue is the tool with which we carry out our work. And for our filmmakers, the most direct way to be part of something collective and transcendent called Chilean Cinema, which constantly changes and is renewed year by year.” Constanza Arena, directora CinemaChile.


The feature films include 32 fiction feature films and 26 documentary feature films, featuring new proposals from authors of great trajectory, such as Patricio Guzmán, Ignacio Agüero and Matías Bize along with emerging directors such as Christopher Murray, Manuela Martelli, Matías Francisca Alegría and Roberto Doveris, among many others.

The short format is still the ideal format to discover new talents. The new catalogue includes 36 short fiction and 20 short documentary films, also adding 1 animated short film. The projects compose a multicultural landscape of themes and directors, which we do not doubt will be the lighthouses that illuminate the Chilean film scene!

Take a look at these new pieces, browse each page and discover new authors with just one slide here: