Cinema Chile


December 28, 2021

In 2021, we learned to adapt, grow and rise to the occasion to embrace these ever-changing times. Take a look at some of our top highlights of the year:

  • Passports back in use! CinemaChile at markets and festivals worldwide

In 2021, we were able to reconnect with one another after a long period of physical distance– we saw each other in festivals and markets that welcomed the public, as well as through online platforms and hybrid events.

We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Venice, San Sebastián, the Santander International Film Week, Iberseries Platino and Ventana Sur, in which we developed a new hybrid modality– CinemaChile Meetings, where Chilean producers who were online could link up with international counterparts at each market. We also participated in virtual editions of Berlin, Busan, the American Film Market, among many others, resetting our compass and putting new cardinal points on a map that keeps reaching new frontiers.

  • New editorial sections for our original CinemaChile Content

You read us. That’s why we care.

Throughout the year, we launched new sections that displayed our original content, using different media and platforms to highlight the wide variety of Chilean contents & talent.

In our video series 5 steps we looked at the milestones in the careers of Daniela Vega, Maite Alberdi, Alfredo Castro and Paulina García.

In our podcast and Youtube series, CinemaChile Talks, we invited guests that included the producers Marcela Santibañez (Micromundo Producciones), Rocío Jadue (Fábula), Alejandra García (Wood Producciones), and topics that ranged from the Chilean directors participating in Annecy and Hot Docs, and most recently, a special Awards Season edition with Theó Court (White on White), Pablo Larraín (Spencer), and the actor Alfredo Castro.

In our QUICK LOOK, we gave a brief overview of the producers and their projects participating in top markets, and if you missed anything throughout the month, we summarized it with our newsletter, the CinemaChile Monthly Wrap. Stay tuned for more fresh content next year!

  • Chilean films, series and projects won more than 66 awards throughout the year and 44 films premiered in international festivals.


It was a year in which Chilean cinema and series had an important international presence, where top filmmakers like Pablo Larraín, Dominga Sotomayor, Matías Rojas and Claudia Huaiquimilla premiered films in Venice, Cannes, Tallinn and Locarno respectively, and fresh voices that include León & Cociña (Los huesos), Hugo Covarrubias (Bestia) Nicolás Postiligone (Immersion) and Francina Carbonell (The Sky is Red) won prizes worldwide. Chilean directors and producers received Oscar (The Mole Agent), Emmy (El presidente) Goya (The Cordillera of Dreams) and Platino (To Kill Pinochet) nominations, and stories of hope, memory and resilience moved us forward. All in all, with a running tally of 66 awards and 44 films premiered, the creativity and global reach of our filmmakers inspires us to keep moving forward.


To finish off the year, we renovated our digital home, a place to come together, learn, laugh, review our new content, interviews, videos and more. With an easier to use interface, friendlier graphics and a more accessible search engine, we are excited to open our doors for you to start exploring!