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Chilean Film “El hombre del futuro” is selected in the Karlovy Vary’s Official Competition

May 28, 2019

The film The Man from the Future, first feature by director Felipe Ríos, will have its world premiere at the 54th edition of the prestigious Karlovy Vary Film Festival, to take place from June 28th to July 6th.

The film narrates the story of Michelsen, a solitary trucker without a place to call home, who sets out on the last trip aboard his truck toward Villa O’Higgins. Along the way, he gradually leaves behind everything of which his life was comprised, turning his final route into a journey of illumination. Confronting the end of the road and the wilderness will allow him to live in the present like he has always longed to do, along with his daughter Elena.

“The Man from the Future was born out of the concern for approaching two concepts that, for me as a director, are quite important. The first has to do with a reflection on time, and the second, with the use of cinema as a tool to transmit human emotions,” said Ríos.

The film, produced by Giancarlo Nasi of Quijote Films (Chile) and co-produced by Agustina Llambi and Fernando Brom of Unión de los Ríos (Argentina), stars actors José Soza and Antonia Giesen and was filmed in the Region of Aysén in Chilean Patagonia.

“It seems incredible to me that, despite being a first feature, the film is in the official competition. It moves me quite a bit and it also seems very interesting to me that the line of films associated with a specific territory can accommodate quite a different kind of cinema such as this film, which was shot at the edge of the world,” declared Ríos.

In terms of audiences, the director commented, “I’m really looking forward to being able to see what happens with an audience watching the film for the first time and to start to go back to the beginning, to become a spectator myself as well. I hope that people are moved and can connect with the film, which is my main objective.”