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October 31, 2023

Two Chilean projects will have an outstanding participation in the American Film Market (AFM), from October 31 to November 5, in the most important market in the United States in which distribution and financing agreements for finished films are concluded and in all stages of development and production.

Andrés Wood (Wood Producciones) and Rocio Jadue (Fabula) will be the two professionals who will represent Chile at the meeting thanks to the Creative Industries program. They will carry powerful projects such as The Meltdown by Manuela Martelli, and others by the production company Fabula. Their participation testifies to the growth and influence of the Chilean film industry on the international market.

The American Film Market, held in the city of Santa Monica, California, is the epicenter of business opportunities in the film world. Each year, this event gives rise to agreements for a value exceeding one billion dollars,

We talked with them about their participation and the importance of bringing their projects to the American market. Here’s what they said!

Andrés Wood – Wood Producciones

With a great career, the producer brings to this edition of AFM The Meltdown by Manuela Martelli (Produced by Andrés Wood & Alejandra García), a fictional drama that is in development and will be in search of co-production. The producer will also bring Marcela Said’s El Puma (Produced by Andrés Wood & Alejandra García), a fictional drama that is also in search of co-production

“The Meltdown” and ” El Puma”  are attractive and original projects great for audiences. They are written, directed and produced mainly by women which undoubtedly gives them a special perspective and sensitivity. Manuela, Marcela and Alejandra complement visions and talents forming teams, which for me, achieve surprising results. I’m really excited about being part of those teams.

 What is the main focus for The Meltdown and El Puma in the American Film Market?

The focus of these projects in AFM, is on concretizing financing through Sales Agents, distribution and equity for “The Meltdown” and co-production agreements with US companies, and equity and pre- sales for “El Puma”. At the same time, we believe that they are projects of great artistic quality, with important and recognized talents involved that represent very well the spirit of Wood Producciones and that undoubtedly contribute to the visibility and international prestige of the company.

What unique or exciting aspect do you think distinguishes The Meltdown from the previous film by Manuela Martelli (1976) and other films on the market?

There is a close kinship between “1976” and “The Meltdown”.  The great story, that of the country, intersects with the personal story of the director. “The Meltdown” gets into new areas for Chilean cinema : during the 90s the country was in democratic transition and at the same time she could recognize, as a teenager, its limits. The film puts the characters in an underrepresented Chile (the world of mountains and snow sports) and from that micro world speaks of the total in a subtle and entertaining way, mixing genres of drama, thriller, coming of age, which is exciting.

Rocío Jadue – Fabula

Head of the Latin American film section at Fabula. She began her career in 2012 being part of the production of the series Prófugos (2011-2013), broadcasted by HBO and that in 2014 won the award for «Best TV Program», under the category «Entertainment», at the Telly Awards. During her great career she has been in charge since in the production of films such as A fantastic woman by Sebastián Lelio, winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2018.

We are excited to visit and meet new strategic partners of the industry, with the intention of opening new financing and marketing opportunities for Chilean audiovisual.

What is the main focus of the project you’re taking to the American Film Market?

Our main focus is to reconnect with industry partners to introduce them to developing projects that have great potential in the Spanish-speaking US market, in order to complete its financing and strengthen its development with a view to its production by 2024.

What unique or exciting aspect do you think distinguishes this project from other films on the market?

They are films with a deep Latin identity, but they have the potential to travel around the world. We strongly believe that our content is produced in order to connect with audiences everywhere, the best example being “The Eternal Memory”, which premiered at the Sundance festival earlier this year and has traveled around the world in a transversal way to the different cultures that appreciate it or “Sayen”, Amazon Original, which was the film in Spanish most seen in non-English speaking territories.

The presence of Andrés Wood and Rocio Jadue together with their production companies in the American Film Market consolidates the effort made in recent years and their great presence in the North American market.

Both production companies participate thanks to the co-financing of the APCT (Association of Film and Television Producers) through the Prochile Creative Industries Program.

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