Cinema Chile


June 18, 2022

Six production companies will be attending the market with their series and projects at the 6th edition of Conecta Fiction & Entertainment. These are: 17Films, BTF Media, Fabula, Invercine, Maria Wood Producciones and Praxia.

The delegation of Chile will arrive at Conecta, in the Spanish city of Toledo, with projects in different stages and in search of funding, platforms and broadcasters.

This international professional event is focused on the creation, development, production, financing, broadcasting and marketing of television content and, according to the organization, is positioned in the top 10 international television markets of the audiovisual industry.

For this reason, Claudia Moreno, Head of Sector Brands of ProChile believes that Conecta is one of the most important events in the European calendar for the Chilean audiovisual industry. “From that point of view, and in a collaborative work together with the different unions and public institutions of the sector, from ProChile we support the sector brand CinemaChile and national producers who will be present in Toledo looking for funding opportunities and dissemination platforms. This support is due to the work we have developed over a decade ago for the internationalization of the Creative and Cultural Industries as actors relevant to the diversification and aggregation of value and quality of our exportable offer”.

Under the same line, Andrea Gutiérrez Vásquez, undersecretary of the Mincap, believes that “the production of national series has grown significantly over the years, which brings us the challenge of promoting its development as well. That’s why we celebrate the participation of Chilean producers in Conecta Fiction, a market which provides a very valuable showcase for fiction series in Spanish, giving real opportunities for financing and materialization of projects”.

A total of 6 national production companies will attend the market, of which 4 have the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage (MINCAP), through its Support Program for Participation in International Markets, belonging to the Council of the Art and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA).




This production company has specialized in co-productions between Spain, Latin America and Chile. During the 6th edition of Conecta Fiction they will introduce Micro Earthlings, a series designed for children, directed by Felipe Atenas and produced by Karina Jury and Gonzalo Carrecedo. The project is in distribution stage and is looking for coproduction for its second season.


Kid’s series in live action mode that shows us the adventures of the snail Eli and his friends from the neighborhood. In each episode we will look at the world from the point of view of these bugs and discover with them the hidden wonders of the forest.



International production company based in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, United States, Spain and Qatar, led in our country by Hernán Caffiero. They will present at the market Our Women’s Lives, directed by Bárbara Barrera Morales. They also look to find a streaming platform for the broadcast of its episodes.


Our Women’s Lives is a fiction series of 4 episodes that, through 16 true stories, gives account of the different violence manifestations against women in our society.



The Chilean production company created by the brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín has created over 25 films, more than 600 commercials, 4 production services, 6 fiction series and 10 projects for local television. In this version of Conecta Fiction, they will present the thriller Santa María. The series will be shot between Cuba, Mexico and Italy. They will participate in the industry for the Pitch High-end series competition.


A Spanish priest, a nun sent by the Vatican and a Cuban detective will have to solve the mysterious crimes that are happening inside a rest home in Cuba that cover up a horrible secret.



Production company with extensive experience in film and television. This time, they land with a proposal based on a novel by the Chilean writer Isabel Allende, whose book gives the title to the project Daughter of Fortune. It will be directed by Rodrigo Sepulveda and the executive production features Macarena Cardone. It is in the script writing stage and hopes to find funding opportunities.


Daughter of Fortune is an epic, adventurous and expanding romance that travels through English, Chilean, Chinese and American culture, and is set during the 1849 gold rush, based on the novel by Isabel Allende.



Created in 2005 with a clear commitment to producing films and series of cultural and social topics. It arrives with a police fiction, Patagonian Winds, directed by Julio Jorquera and whose executive production is in the hands of María Elena Wood. It is in script writing and looking for a broadcaster.


 A German millionaire and conservationist disappears in Chilean Patagonia shortly after meeting his daughter, Alice. With the help of a local tour guide, he will make a terrible discovery, while trying to find the truth about his father.



Founded in 2012, works in different animation, documentary and fiction projects. Mr. Maturana’s funeral is the comedy with which they arrive in Toledo, which is directed and produced by Amanda Puga Salman. It is under development and looking for funding.


A law firm scams the entire country under the invention of a fake funeral whose entrance costs a fortune.