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May 15, 2023

Chile takes off to the Cannes Film Festival 2023, one of the most important film gatherings of the year, where the country will have a triple presence in official sections.

The national landing in this new edition stands out in Un Certain Regard at Cannes, a section where Chile had not competed for 12 years and which double returns with The Settlers by Felipe Gálvez and the Argentine film, The Delinquents by Rodrigo Moreno, co-produced by Jirafa Films.

This successful presence also stands out with the Chilean actor Pedro Pascal, one of the protagonists of the medium-length film Strange Way of Life directed by Pedro Almódovar, which will premiere worldwide in the official selection of the French festival, being the first time that an actor from Chile participates in a film of the famous Spanish director.

On the other hand, CinemaChile will be supporting the Chilean presence at the Marché du Film festival and market with an onsite stand, coordinating all the actions and major activities in which the more than 50 delegates who will land in Cannes will participate.


Our presskit will be the perfect guide in which you can know in detail all the participation of Chile.


We invite you to immerse yourself and travel with us to the Cannes Festival through this article and be on the lookout for all details that we will be sharing with you soon about the Chilean delegation in Marché du Film 2023.



Felipe Gálvez’s debut feature leads the Chilean presence at the Cannes Film Festival. His film, The Settlers, returns to the festival for its big debut, after being selected in 2020 by the Next Step program of the Critics’ Week.

The settlers will not leave anyone indifferent, it is a film that provokes, excites and makes people think

Felipe Gálvez, Director by Los Colonos


The feature is produced by 8 countries: Chile (Quijote Films), Argentina ( Rei Cine ) UK (Quiddity Films), Taiwan (Volos Films), France (Cine Sud Promotion) Denmark (Snowglobe), Sweden (Film I Väst) and Germany (Sutor Kolonko) and portrays the story of three horsemen who are hired by a wealthy landowner to mark the perimeter of their property.


We always knew that it was an ambitious film, difficult to make, because it was a period film, because it was in Tierra del Fuego, it had bilingual casting (English/Spanish) and so we had to look for a lot of help, many co-productions”.


The cast includes great actors such as Mark Stanley (British, Game of Thrones), Sam Spruell (British, Doctor Who) and Alfredo Castro (Chilean, El club, Karnawal, Desde alla) , but also highlights the debút of new Chilean actors like Camilo Arancibia who joined the film with a promising career.

Along with them, we also highlight the production and artistic work of Muriel Parra, the great Chilean costume designer who worked with Felipe to best represent the nineteenth century and who has been part of large productions such as Neruda (2016) ; A fantastic woman (2017) and Sayen (2023) among others.





After spending two times in the Official Section of Berlinale, the Argentine Rodrigo Moreno participates in Un certain Regard with The Delinquents, a co-production between Wanka (Argentina), Jaque Content (Argentina), Rizoma Films (Argentina), Les Films Fauves (Luxembourg), Sancho&Punta (Brazil) and the production company Jirafa Films (Chile).

The possibility of screening the film where everyone is watching what’s new in cinema, such as the Cannes Film Festival, is exciting”.

Rodrigo Moreno, Director by Los delincuentes


The film is an action drama where two bank employees Morán and Román, at a certain point in their lives, question the routine life they lead. One of them finds the solution: to commit a crime. He accomplishes it and compromises his destiny to that of his partner.

Director Rodrigo Moreno points out that Chile was the first country to join the film with co-production funds and it is also the first time that he works with Chile, although he usually takes the post production of its films in the Chilean capital.

In addition, within the cast is the Chilean director Javier Zoro (Mapamundi, 2013) based in Argentina and who in his acting debut plays a role also as a film director.




Pedro Pascal’s success does not end. Strange way of life, the 30-minute film shot in the south of Spain (in Almería), which will be released for the first time in the Official Section (out of competition) and starred by the actor, being the first Chilean to work with the Spanish director Pedro Almódovar.

A year in which also Pascal has ended the first season of The last of us and continues with great success in The Mandalorian. Two series of worldwide scope.

Pascal has a co-protagonic role with the famous American actor Ethan Hawke (twice nominated for an Oscar as a screenwriter and two as a supporting actor), a western that promises a very different performance to the last played by the Chilean actor.

Strange way of life to which the title refers, as Almódovar himself explained, alludes to the famous fado of Amalia Rodrigues, whose lyrics suggest that there is no existence more strange than one who lives with their back to their own desires. It will be released in cinemas in Spain on 26 May and distributed in Latin America on the MUBI platform.



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