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Quick look at San Sebastian Film Festival: Producers arrive with high quality projects for this 2022

September 16, 2022

What a joy! Chile returns to San Sebastian and not only with a strong presence in the festival, but also with 5 remarkable Chilean production companies supported by the Ministry of Arts and Heritage Cultures that will be actively participating in the market.

The 5 producers who will be representing their companies will seek to promote on this occasion their new works and also Chilean directors such as Moisés Sepúlveda; Niles Atallah; Elio Quiroga and Beñat Beitia, This, in order to be able to find funding and new co-producing countries interested in national productions that are waiting to be premiered soon. We invite you to take a quick look and review in detail all about Chile’s presence!


 Sebastian Araya, Afro Producciones Limitada

Of Chilean and Portuguese nationality, he has worked in film and television for the last 20 years, as a director, screenwriter and actor, both in Chile and abroad. His science fiction trilogy stands out in cinema, with the films already produced El Lenguaje del Tiempo and La Salamandra.

To close this trilogy he  comes to San Sebastián with Antartica starring Úrsula Corberó and Luis Tosar, the film is still in development and looking for platforms.



Being part of the Chilean delegation in San Sebastián is a rewarding experience. This instrument and the support given to authors and producers is of vital importance, as a bridge that allows progress in the production chain, and also at a humane and professional level


Catalina Vergara, Globo Rojo Films Spa

After being awarded, along with Cristián Soto, for directing The Last Season in the category of Best Documentary at the Guadalajara Film Festival and participate as a producer in award-winning productions such as Death will come and shall have your eyes by José Luis Torres Leiva; The wolf house by León and Cociña and Vertical Shadow by Felipe Elgueta, Ananké Pereira.

Catalina Vergara arrives in San Sebastian to be present at the Europe – Latin America Co-production Forum with the new feature by Niles Atallah , The Fire Doll, the film is looking for financing.




Marianne Mayer-Beckh, El otro Film Producciones Ltda

Since 2011, she has excelled in filmmaking and production from different fronts while being in charge of more than 18 feature films, television series and different short films among which stand out La Ducha (Berlin, DAAD Short Film Award, 2011) and the feature films Rara (Berlin, Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus, 2016) both directed by Pepa San Martin, as well as the outstanding feature film El príncipe by Sebastián Muñoz (Queer Lion Award, Venice Film Festival, 2019) among others.

At San Sebastian she will be present with the project Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope by Elio Quiroga and Beñat Beitia, a feature-length period animation that is under development and will be in search of funding, sales agents, platforms and broadcasters.



Daniela Raviola, Juntos Films Spa

As a producer she has participated in the documentary films El Otro, by Francisco Bermejo and La Fabulosa Máquina de Cosechar Oro by Alfredo Pourailly, among others.  From the executive production role she has been in charge of the films Gran Avenida, by Moisés Sepúlveda and La Taza Rota, by Esteban Cabezas.

She currently arrives in San Sebastián with May it all end by Moisés Sepulveda. A fictional thriller with mixed drama and a scam that will put the protagonist to the test. It is currently under development and in search of co-production.

I’m very happy to participate in a market that I know is one of the most important in Spain. The possibility of networking, collaboration and founding bridges between producers from all over the world seems to me to be a huge benefit not only for my projects but also for the Chilean film industry that continues to need opportunities with other parts of the world



Luis Cifuentes, Luchos Films

Luis has directed the short films Cité (Festival de Cine Latino de Antwerp, Belgium, 2011) and En busca del silencio (Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2019) , among others. As a producer he has taken part in five major feature films among them include:  In the range of grays by Claudio Marcone (Best Debut Film, Miami Film Festival, 2015) and Fernando Lavanderos Sin Norte (Best Foreign Film, Gramado Festival, Brazil, 2016), among others.


To San Sebastian he comes with his new feature film I’m not in the sea, a fiction and human rights thriller that is already finished and will look for interested festivals in the market for its world premiere.

I’m happy. This allows us to come back in a face-to-face manner to international markets after several years. We have a portfolio with diverse projects and in different stages of development and production. We seek to introduce them and connect with potential partners, co-producers, sales agents and international festivals


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