Cinema Chile


June 18, 2022

The Chilean delegation arrives for the third time in one of the most important markets for serial content. Made up of more than 5 producers, the participation includes 4 Chilean producers, who will attend with the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage (MINCAP), through its Support Program for Participation in International Markets, belonging to the Council of the Art and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA).

Do you want to meet the 4 Chilean producers in Conecta Fiction? Here we give you a brief recap of their careers and their projects.


Maria Elena Wood

 Outstanding producer and director with more than 30 years of experience in the creation and production of television content. During her professional career she has directed more than 3 documentaries, and with Wood Producciones she has been in charge of series such as: Ramona by Andres Wood (2017). In partnership with Invercine (Invercine & Wood), she produced the fiction series Dignidad by Julio Jorquera and Nancy Rivas (2019) and Mary & Mike by Julio Jorquera and Esteban Larraín, among others.

A year ago she participated in the Spanish encounter with Niños de contrabando in the Pitch Copro Series competition. This year will be taking to the market Patagonian Winds directed by Julio Jorquera. The project is in script writing and is seeking financement.


Macarena Cardone

 The executive producer of Chilean cinema and television has excelled during her career by following a production line around the creation of quality content and social relevance. Her experience has led her to produce more than 20 productions between feature films and television series, among which are: Bombal by Marcelo Ferrari  (2011); Las cosas como son by Fernando Lavanderos (2012)

 On this occasion she brings to the market Daughter of Fortune, which will be directed by Rodrigo Sepulveda. The project is in the script writing stage and is seeking funding


Karina Jury

Marketing director and producer of Chilean-Italian film and TV. She has specialized in international co-productions, with films such as: Vera de Verdad by Beniamino Catena (Italy-Chile, 2021); La Versione di Anita by Luca Criscenti (Brazil-Italy, 2020), among others, in addition to the transmedia project Hola Flinko (Chile-Colombia).

 She is currently producing Micro Earthlings, a series designed for children, directed by Felipe Atenas.  The project is in distribution stage and is looking for coproduction for its second season.


Hernan Caffiero

Winner of the International Emmy Awards in 2018 with his series The Suspended Morning. Has worked as a director, screenwriter, editor and producer of films and fiction series, including the documentary feature film El sueño de todos (2014), about the Chilean soccer team, and Raza brava (2008). In addition to receiving the award in 2019 for Best Director from the NACCC in New York, and during last year he was awarded two Napolitans Victory Awards for the TV political campaign Aprobemos Dignidad.

On this occasion he brings to the market Our women’s lives, directed by Bárbara Barrera Morales. During the market he hopes to find a streaming platform for the broadcast of its episodes.