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Patricio Guzmán wins Best Documentary award at Cannes Film Festival

May 31, 2019


Patricio Guzmán has won the “L’oeil d’Or” (“Golden Eye”) award for Best Documentary at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival for his new documentary The Cordillera of Dreams. The feature film was chosen by the director of the event himself, Thierry Fremaux, to participate. At 84 minutes long, it is the latest installment of the trilogy Guzmán began with Nostalgia for the Light (2010) and continued with The Pearl Button (2015), and which was screened outside the competition in the Special Screenings section.

Produced by Atacama Productions, with Chile and Switzerland, it is described in Guzmán’s words in its synopsis: “In my country, the Cordillera [mountain range] is everywhere, but for Chilean citizens it is an unknown territory. After going to the North with Nostalgia for the Light and the South with The Pearl Button, I now feel ready to film this immense spinal column, to explore its beauty and reveal its mysteries.”

The award was also granted to the documentary For Sama, by Syrian director Waad al-Kateab.