Cinema Chile


November 3, 2023

¡October was a vibrant and exciting month in the Chilean audiovisual world! From intriguing movie premieres to captivating series, this October roundup will take you back to all the highlights. But don’t stop here, because November promises even more excitement and creativity in the audiovisual scene.Join us on this journey to relive the highlights and get ready for what’s to come!

Outstanding participation of the month

●   El horizonte del pulso selected in international competition at the Alucine latin american film festival in Toronto, Canada.  (5 Oct 2023 – 7 Oct 2023)

●   Isla Alien  participated in the Chicago International Film Festival (11 oct 2023 – sun, 22 oct 2023)

●   The Shortfilm Preámbulo by Felipe Jorquera premiered for the audience (15 de octubre)

●   La Rebelión Interior by Sofía Paloma Gómez participated in Docs in progress at DOCSMX (12 to 21 october)

●  From October 20 to January 10, 2024, the Austrian Film Museum pays tribute to Raúl Ruiz with an extensive retrospective in collaboration with the Viennale.

●   Tan inmunda y tan feliz participated at DOCLISBOA (19 oct 2023 – sund, 29 oct 2023)

●   El Fantasma by Martin Duplaquet was in the Mostra Internacional de Cinema em São Paulo (19 oct 2023 – wed, 1 nov 2023).

The top news

Three grand meeting events for the finale of 2023!

In the last weeks of 2023, CinemaChile is preparing for three crucial missions: MIPCANCUN, American Film Market and Ventana Sur. We will be supporting Chilean delegations and connecting our talents with international opportunities. Follow us during these events to know the most exciting news and projects that will attend these events!

International recognitions you should learn about

Check the Chilean audiovisual line up at international meetings

●   O de Óscar selected to participate in the International Official Selection of the festival Fotogenia de cinepoesía

●     Aullido de invierno BY Matías Rojas Valencia premiered at the Official Competition of the Tallinn Film Festival.

●   Inmerso by Alex Estay will be in Filmfreeaway in the official short film section

●   Una isla brillante by Pedro Fontaine will have its World Premiere at the Tallinn Film Festival, at its PÖFF Shorts festival in November (7-15 November)

●   Vitanuova  by Niles Atallah is selected in ZINEBI festival in Bilbao (10 to 17 November)

●  Six Chilean productions will participate in the 49th edition of the Huelva Film Festival (November 10-18)

●   Prelude of a Story by Ashley Salman is selected in the NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Film Festival in November.

●   Volver a casa: Madre VR will participate in IDFA Doclab (8 to 19 november)

●  El Festín de las Bestias will premier at the Canary Islands Fantastic Film Festival (10 to 19 november)