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May 10, 2024

Chile’s participation in the 2024 Cannes Film Festival and Marché du Film promises to be one of the most significant international breakthroughs of the year! Learn all the details here!

In this new edition, “The Hyperboreans” by León and Cociña leads the national presence in the Directors’ Fortnight, followed by the exciting co-production between Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico, “Simón de la montaña,” which will participate in the Critics’ Week, and the stellar presence of Antonia Zegers in “More people die on Sundays” in ACID, a program parallel to the Cannes Film Festival.

But that’s not all, this participation is complemented by the delegation at its market, the Marché du Film, with “The evil that bind us ” by Nicolas Postiglione in WIP Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes, in addition to more than 20 production companies at the Marché du Film (MDF), where the 7 production companies supported by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage stand out.

Cannes is already becoming the epicenter of Chilean audiovisuals, where CinemaChile will continue to celebrate its 15 years as a sectorial brand in instances such as the Asia Spotlight and a full agenda of meetings to boost the Chilean industry worldwide.

Discover all the details here and in our digital press kit at the end of the web note.

“The Hyperboreans”: The iconic Chilean talent’s bet in the Directors’ Fortnight

“The Hyperboreans” is the new film by the renowned Chilean filmmaking duo Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña, which for the first time shows them in a fiction with a real actress immersed in the universe of animation and creation with the directors’ own stamp.

Starring Antonia Giesen and produced by Globo Rojo Films and León & Cociña Films, this film delves into a journey through the human mind, and for its staging (filmed in 2022), it was carried out in an art gallery in the Chilean capital, and a special film set was created that the public could visit.

“Once again, the talent of these directors is combined with a unique, creative approach that takes risks in form and content. Something that, when you think about it, is part of one of the hallmarks of Chilean cinema: originality.”

Alexandra Galvis, General co-coordinator of CinemaChile and Vice President of APCT

“Simon of the mountain”: The new co-production with Argentina in the Critics’ Week

“Simon of the mountain” is the debut film by Federico Luis, starring by Lorenzo “Toto” Ferro. The film is co-produced by 20/20 (Argentina), Planta (Chile), Mother Superior (Uruguay), and Twelve Thirty Media (Mexico).

The Chilean producer is Fernando Bascuñán (Planta), and it will have its world premiere at the 63rd edition of the Cannes Critics’ Week, competing with 6 other films from Brazil, the United States, Belgium, Taiwan, France, and Egypt.

“More people die on Sundays”: Antonia Zegers’ rising career

The Argentine film “More people die on Sundays”, directed by Lair Said, has been selected for ACID, a program parallel to the 2024 Cannes Film Festival organized by the Association for the Distribution of Independent Cinema.

The film is a dramatic comedy starring Rita Cortese, Juliana Gattas, the director himself, and featuring a special appearance by Chilean actress Antonia Zegers, who in 2023 won 6 International Best Actress Awards for her role in Matías Bize’s “The Punishment”.

“The increase in alliances with other countries in this Cannes selection is the result of all efforts, both public and private. With the aim of positioning Chile in the international scene, we have also promoted the Tax-rebate project for the refund of VAT to foreign audiovisual productions in national territory, which we hope to introduce in the National Congress in the coming days. We hope that Cannes 2024 will be another great step in this growing path to national cinema success”

Carolina Arredondo, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage


Discover Chile’s participation in the Cannes market

The Chilean delegation arrives at the Marché du Film (MDF) with a total of 23 Production Companies, which have 22 projects in their pipeline in search of new partnerships, platforms, and festivals. Also, the presence of “The evil that bind us”, the new film by Nicolas Postiglione in WIP Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes. Co-production with Mexico.

From May 14 to 22, this numerous delegation will be participating in the Cannes market, where the 7 production companies supported by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage stand out, including production houses such as: Globo Rojo, Juntos Films, Lucho Films, Oro Films, Proyectos LVC, Quijote Films, Storyboard Media.

“The continuous presence of Chile in the Marché du Film demonstrates the relevance of this instance to continue positioning the Chilean audiovisual industry at the European and global levels, articulating efforts with the public and private sectors to showcase and promote the work of our industry.”

Raúl Vilches, Head of the Creative Industries Department at ProChile

Among the activities, the Asia Spotlight stands out, where CinemaChile is one of the associated institutions. An instance dedicated to promoting increased cinematographic collaborations between Asia and the international film industry.

An alliance that will be strengthened within the framework of the celebration of CinemaChile’s 15 years, and that will allow Chilean projects to participate with a view to seeking co-production in the Asian market.

In addition to this also highlights the Showcase (samples) of documentary projects organized by Chiledoc (Monday, May 20), where four Chilean projects will participate: Aliyá, Yeridá Directed by Rafael Guendelman, Si vas para Chile Co-directed by Amilcar Infante and Sebastián González, Viajero inmóvil Co-directed by Fernando Lavanderos and Sebastián Pereira, Vuelvo donde nunca estuve Co-directed by Constanza Vásquez and Andrés Morales and La Búsqueda del Otro by Cons Gallardo Vásquez.

“We arrive at Cannes Docs with four projects in the Work in Progress stage, which show the diversity of Chilean production. Both in thematic and aesthetic terms. Immigration in northern Chile; a young woman who returns to Patagonia to value her Selknam identity; a Jewish family questioning its connection with the State of Israel; and a legendary film director embarking on an extravagant project. All fascinating stories that touch on current and creative themes”

Paula Ossandón, Director of Chiledoc

Do you want to know everything that happens and lives the Chilean delegation in Cannes 2024? We invite you to review its content in the digital guide and discover the day to day here.