Cinema Chile

Chile Returns to the Quirino Awards with Four Nominations

January 24, 2020

The Quirino Awards, an event connected to Ibero American animation, has announced the names of the finalists for the nine categories of its third edition, set to take place on April 18th. Out of the 39 nominated pieces, four Chilean pieces were selected for their high quality.

Nominated in the Best Ibero American Feature-Length Animation Film category is Homeless, directed by Jorge Campusano, José Navarro and Santiago O’Ryan, from Lunes Producciones. On the other hand, productions from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain and Portugal are competing in the Best Ibero American Animation Series category. Our country will be represented by La leyenda de Zeta y Ozz, which is transmitted on Cartoon Network. Competing in the Best Ibero American Commissioned Animation is Mate?, directed by Dalmiro Buigues and Martin Dasnoy, an Argentinean production with Bolivian, Chilean, and Paraguayan coproducers. Finally, Omen of Sorrow, produced by AOne Games, is competing in the Best Ibero American Video Game Animation category.

The international jury responsible for selecting the nominated films that might possibly receive awards this upcoming April consists of Alfredo Marun, from Disney Television Animation; Anja Franczak, from Human Ark; Simón Vladimir Varela, production designer and visual development artist at Pixar, Disney, and Warner, among others; Vera Verba, from the Sesame Workshop YouTube Channel; and Véronique Encrenaz from MIFA Annecy.

The Quirino Awards were created with the intention of recognizing and placing value upon Ibero American animation through the generation of networks and ties amongst the highest representatives of the Latin American industry, along with that of Portugal, Spain, and Andorra, with the objective of making the Ibero American market grow in lockstep. It also seeks to strengthen an Ibero American market in which audiovisual pieces of all formats may circulate.