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8 Chilean Production Companies in MIP Cancun 2023

November 13, 2023

The Chilean delegation lands at MIP Cancun! This year, Chile stands out with the participation of 8 renowned production companies that continue to consolidate the presence of the national audiovisual industry in the last remaining markets of 2023.

Among the 8 production companies, five Chilean delegates will attend the market supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

“MIP Cancun is a key market in Latin America and in the U.S. Hispanic territory, so it is a great opportunity for Chilean production companies to reach co-production, financing and/or exhibition agreements for their projects, many of which are still in the development stage. These types of events, like MIPCOM and MIPJunior last month, are fundamental to support the national audiovisual industry”

Minister of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, Carolina Arredondo

The diversity and quality of Chilean production will be an indisputable attraction in MIP Cancun, this event is shaped as a fundamental platform for the growth and development of the audiovisual industry in the region.

We look forward to being part of this unique experience!

Must-see projects at MIP CANCUN!

In the exciting scenario of MIP Cancun, six outstanding projects come together to seek funding and collaboration in the world of audiovisual production, while Equeco and Invercine assist the market to finalize agreements of their projects in portfolio.

From animated series to family stories and VR-mixing stories, these creative teams are eager to meet potential investors and co-production partners to bring their unique visions to life on screen.

Petu & Max – Alas

Directed by Andrea Lira and produced by Andres Subercaseaux. It is a musical series in development that teaches preschoolers to face everyday challenges. Each episode adapts an opera aria with lyrics and children’s arrangements. The episodes develop between music and dialogue.

El Salar de Kenchikka – Cubho Audioviusal

Directed by Raimundo Bastidas & Pablo Cuturrufo and produced by Isidora Fajardo & Nicholas Hooper. El Salar de Kenchikka is in development and tells the story of a father who, in the face of his son’s sudden death, enters VR WORLD, a virtual reality world in which his firstborn son spent time and where he discovers that there is a secret waiting for him.

Mangata – Río Estudio

Directed by Francisca Alegria and produced by Pablo Diaz del Rio, the series is a fictional thriller that is in development and will seek platforms. The story delves into the life of a woman accused of murdering her sister who must delve into her past to prove her innocence and unmask a dangerous cult leader, before it is too late.

No quiero decir adiós – La Ventana Cine

Directed by Marcela Said and produced by Carola Fuentes and Rafael Valdeavellano, the series is in development and tells the story of Katy Winter (16) a teenager who commits suicide at a Starbucks, leaving a letter containing clues about her death and the perpetrators of the brutal cyberbullying she suffered. Who did she mean? Why did she kill herself?

Reinventados – Punta a cabo

Directed by Josefina Cabezón and produced by Karla Estrada, the post-production series brings together the story of ten families who emigrated to Chile from the period of the Industrial Revolution until the end of World War II.

El clan de las Amazonas – Afro Films

Directed by Sebastián Araya and produced by Diego Conejero, the series that is in development and looking for platforms, tells the story of 4 women subdued by their men; a priest of messianic tone to which they idolize; an extortion ring in which they will be involved when they discover that their confessions have been condemned.

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