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February 16, 2023

We commence our international journey for 2023! And what better way to start it by coming back to the Berlinale and its first full onsite edition after the pandemic.

Chile joins and takes part of the first big market event in the annual calendar of the A Festivals, with a delegation of more than 40 Chileans in different sections, among them the participation in the section Panorama Dokumente where The Eternal memory will premiere, the latest film by Maite Alberdi, and Mutt by Vuk Lungulov-Klotz in Generation 14plus, both productions come from a successful and award-winning run through Sundance

In addition, this year the European Film Market (EFM) surprises with a large delegation -including 7 producers, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage– along with 3 Chileans in Berlinale Talents, 2 projects in screenings, 2 projects in the Feature Film Pitch, 5 festivals, 1 platform and 4 institutions.

The strong Chilean presence will also be led by CinemaChile, which will have a onsite and virtual stand, a digital guide and a powerful team that will carry out a promising agenda of meetings, press and special coverage of all the activities that will be happening in Berlin, among which the event of Chile that organizes the sectoral brand together with ProChile and Imagen de Chile stands out, to promote the delegation and where Chileans present will have the opportunity to network with the different professionals of the industry. In addition, the exclusive screening of I am the Earth, a documentary produced by Fabula and directed by Maite Alberdi, will be screened.

We start our 2023 international journey!  And in this article we tell you all you need to know.



After an award-winning run through Sundance, The Eternal Memory arrives at Panorama. Maite Alberdi’s fifth film explores Alzheimer’s, a theme already present in two of her previous works: the short film I am not from here  (2016) and The Mole Agent (2020) but taken from the perspective of a couple.

The film that received the World Cinema Grand Jury Award a few weeks ago in Sundance explores the life of Paulina (53) actress and her husband Augusto (70) journalist. They’ve been together 25 years and eight years ago he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. From that moment on, they are afraid that the day will come when he will no longer recognize her.




After winning the Best Actor Award for Lío Mehel at Sundance,  Vuk Lungulov-Klotz’s new film produced by Alexander Stegmaier continues its journey to Generation 14plus, a competition programme that screens avant-garde international cinema.

Mutt runs for 24 hours in New York and follows Feña, a Chilean-American trans boy, who is interrupted by his past as he prepares to pick up his Dad (Alejandro Goic) at the airport.






Ana Belén Asfura, Matías de Bourguignon and Lucas Engel are the three talented producers who will represent the country in the Berlinale Talents section, a talent development programme that has become a unique forum for professionals and film lovers who participate in the project development laboratories

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The start of this large market will be in the Producers Pitching Their Projects powered by AI Insights section where Maria Elena Wood will be representing the project “Dear Eszter” by Alex Balassa. The project has already won 16 awards at special screenplay festivals and hopes to continue with a large international participation.


In the same section will be Alex Balassa with his production company Balassa Films, promoting Chopin the Series by John David Coles. A series co-produced between Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Chile, France, Austria and Poland.

Joining the participation will also be the duo León and Cociña attending Berlinale once more with Los Angeles, who will be participating in the World Cinema Market – Berlinale Co-production Market section in search of co-producers.

This time they narrate that after learning the truth of her mother’s death and taking care of her father, Dalia sees her universe collapse. She locks herself away to drink and watch a sci-fi series to which she will be magically transported.

On the other hand, Cursed Poems is the new series of directors Pepa San Martín (Rara, 2016) and Juan Ignacio Sabatini (To Kill Pinochet, 2020 and recognized producer and director of TV series) who will be participating in Series Market Selects in search of a distributor for this series shot in southern Chile and set at the beginning of the 20th century.

A woman persecuted by witchcraft, a young girl possessed by the devil, two women who live a secret love, a tormented man who initiates a massacre. Four stories that intersect in an electrifying period thriller.





Una potente delegación de 32 profesionales nacionales participará en el mercado audiovisual de la Berlinale, el European Film Market, que se realizará entre el 16 y el 22 de febrero.

Como cada edición el mercado busca ser la primera gran vitrina del año para los chilenos, entre ellos 7 productores de casas productoras como Mesa Redonda Studio, Juntos Films, Quijote FIlms, Storyboard Media, Wood Producciones, Mar Pictures y Equeco Producciones que contarán con el respaldo del Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio (MINCAP) con el objetivo de potenciar el trabajo de la industria  audiovisual chilena en el European Film Market.

A esta gran delegación además se le suma la presencia de Quijote Films y su productor Giancarlo Nasi que estará participando en Company Matching Programme junto a casas productoras de Ucrania, Austria y Luxemburgo.

A powerful delegation of +40 national professionals will participate in the audiovisual market of the Berlinale, the European Film Market, to be held between 16 and 22 February.

As each edition the market seeks to be the first big showcase of the year for Chileans, among them 7 producers of production companies such as Mesa Redonda Studio, Juntos Films, Quijote FIlms, Storyboard Media, Wood Producciones, Mar Pictures and Equeco Producciones will have the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage (MINCAP) with the aim of enhancing the work of the Chilean audiovisual industry in the European Film Market.

In addition, Quijote Films and its producer Giancarlo Nasi will be participating in the Company Matching Programme alongside production companies from Ukraine, Austria and Luxembourg.

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CinemaChile -a sectoral brand created by ProChile and APCT- lands in Berlin and returns in full onsite manner after three years of online and hybrid participation. Ashley Salman (International Production Company), Francesc Morales (Community Manager) and Violeta Medina (International Press) will participate in this comeback.


During the previous editions Chile has had a progressive and constant participation in Berlin. In this edition of EFM, Chile will have an onsite and virtual stand, meeting agendas and important international press coverage and our social media.


EFM is one of the first markets in our annual calendar and we are very happy to be back. As a brand we have built a great relationship with the market and in this edition we seek to continue strengthening it through networking events and meetings that will be held at our stand
Ashley Salman , International Producer


CinemaChile will work together with Imagen de Chile and ProChile during their special Chile event in Berlin to further promote the Chilean delegation and encourage new relationships with international industry professionals.


In addition, during the mission deployed in Berlin different networking activities will be carried out to enhance the co-production with Germany established in the agreement between the two countries managed since 2014 and published during December 2022.


EFM’s mission is key to continue the work of positioning the Chilean audiovisual creative industry in the European market
Germán Vergara,Director of ProChile Germany


Among the highlights of this agreement, as explained by the president of the APCT,  Gabriela Sandoval, is the possibility that a Chilean or German majority film, or Chilean or German minority film, have dual nationality.


This agreement boosts instruments and above all increases the distribution circuits of both countries as they ensure the premiere and facilitates the entry of technical and artistic cast and crew, or import and export of co-producers’ materials
Gabriela Sandoval, President APCT


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