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March 10, 2023

Chile returns to Malaga with a large delegation. There will be 3 films and 2 short films in official competition, along with 8 industry projects and the presence of 14 production companies that will be representing the country both in the festival and in the market.

Two Chilean productions will be part of the official feature film selection. On the one hand The punishment by Matías Bize, who comes back after having won last year two Awards with his previous work, Private Messages,  and this being his second International Festival with this new production. While Sister & Sister by Katia G. Zúñiga, a co-production between Panama and Chile will also be participating in the competition after a great tour and world premiere at SXSW.

In turn, in ZonaZine will be representing Chile The year I was born by Daniel González-Muniz (Chile-Uruguay)  and Alberto Amieva Leyva (Mexico). The production is Daniel’s first film as a screenwriter and co-director.

Likewise, the foreign productions directed by Chileans remain as the big boom of this year. La muchedumbre reaparecerá siempre by Carolina Astudillo, who returns to Malaga for the fourth time and The Elders co-directed with Dubi Cano, will be the two short films in charge of representing Chile in the official competition.

To this great Chilean presence, there is also the delegation present in MAFIZ, the Industry area of the festival, where we can find the new titles of talented authors who will be in three sections :  Alberto Hayden (A Dark light, WIP) ; Diego Céspedes ( The Mysterious Gaze of the Flamingo , MAFF) ; Nayra Ilic ( Celeste, MAFF) ; Ananké Pereira ( Surfing for Seniors, MAFF) ; Cristián Lagos (Mother of October, MAFF) ; Carolina Astudillo (Not all the girls, Territorios) and Samuel León and Saúl Valverde ( Diary of an Infiltrator, Spanish CoproForum).

Chilean talent is not far behind. Diego Fuentes will be participating in Málaga Talent, while in Hack Mafiz Málaga will be José Tomás Bastías de la Maza.

All this and more will be covered by CinemaChile onsite, who along with an extraordinary team will carry out a promising agenda of meetings, enhancing the  onsite stand, networking events and communication actions to support the Chilean delegation.

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Official selection : Five stories you should know in Malaga

1.-The punishment: a real-time bet

It is the seventh film by Matías Bize who in his successful career has won a Goya Awards for Best Ibero-American Film with his fourth title The Life of Fish (2010). The punishment is filmed in real time (sequence shot), something he also did with his first feature film Sábado when he was only 23 years old.

Ana and Mateo desperately search for their missing son in a forest after leaving him abandoned for a few minutes as punishment for his bad behavior.

This is a co-production, between Chile and Argentina, by Ceneca Producciones (Chile) and Leyenda (Argentina).


2.- Sister & Sister: the warmth of an eternal summer

The Costa Rican director Kattia G. Zúñiga, managed after a process of 8 years to arrive with this film that began its journey in Festivals in the United States at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. Previously she has worked as a producer and actress in different projects and has directed and written the short films: Es Cecilia (2012) and Things that are not broken (2017)

Sister & Sister is a moving film about sisterhood, desires, jealousy and youth in the eternal Panamanian tropical summer. During Ventana Sur 2022 the film received an award in the Final Copy section.

The production companies: Ceibita Films (Chile) and Mente Pública (Panama).



3.- The Year I was born: a journey towards change

It is the first feature by Daniel González-Muñiz who is also a screenwriter and actor of this film that he signs in co-direction with Alberto Amieva Leyva, also the first feature by this outstanding cinematographer and editor from Mexico. Based in Denmark, his biography includes illustration and teaching. He has worked in theater, film and television in Chile, Costa Rica and Scandinavia.

Pedro is a 36-year-old history teacher who comes from Chile to Central America for the first time in his life. This is not a vacation for him. In a house in San José, Costa Rica, Gustavo takes care of Gerardo, his father, an 80-year-old former art teacher whose health worsens every day. None of them are prepared for what is coming in the next forty-eight hours, the only thing that is certain is that their lives are about to change


4.-La muchedumbre reaparecerá siempre: Short film against oblivion

Carolina Astudillo Muñoz, a Chilean filmmaker based in Barcelona, returns to the Festival where she has won twice a Silver Biznaga Award for Best Documentary with El gran vuelo (2015) and with her second feature film Ainhoa, yo no soy esa (2018). This time she does so with a story that unites the past of her two countries.

The ruins left by the Spanish Civil War in the University City observed by a man and filmed by a group of filmmakers in the post-war period are a gesture of resistance against oblivion and bring back the dead. The University City became a trench, a republican symbol and the place through which the Franco troops entered. In Chile, the National Stadium built in 1938, became a concentration camp during the Military Civic Dictatorship.


5.- The Elders : a story from experience

Dubi Cano, with a background in direction of photography, comes to direct this documentary that he signs along with Núria Ubach, Marta Codesido and Ulrika Andersson, filmmakers who come from Latin America and Europe to enter a story about time and the closeness of death.

The daily walk of three elderly women from Cabrianes is altered by the sudden death of one of them. Meanwhile, the party that rewards the elderly of the village is coming.





MAFIZ: 8 Chileans strengthening their productions in Malaga


Chile will have 8 national projects that were selected in the industry area of the festival.

This great presence will have a start in 3 of the 10 sections that prepare the meeting, counting also Malaga Talent and Hack Mafiz Málaga.

Málaga Work in Progress – Málaga WIP Iberoamérica : Here the new project by Alberto Hayden participates, A Dark light produced by Benjamin Pinto and Joaquín Echeverría (Brisa).

MAFF – Málaga Festival Fund & Co Production Event: The most powerful Chilean presence will be at MAFF, where Diego Céspedes’ The Mysterious Gaze of the Flamingo will participate ; Nayra Ilic’s Celeste ; Surfing for Seniors by Ananké Pereira and Cristián Lagos’ Mother of October

Spanish Screenings Content – Spanish CoproForum: In this section there will be representation with Diary of an Infiltrator by Samuel León and Saúl Valverde.

Territories : In this section that aims to facilitate the creation of international cooperation networks will be participating Not all the girls by Catalina Astudillo , a co-production between Chile (El Espino Films)  and Spain (Isolda Films and Xiana de Teixeiro).

Along with these projects will also be Matapanki by Diego Fuentes, a feature film in development to be worked within Málaga Talent.

Get to know the productions in our digital guide!




Chilean talent takes on Spain

To close this great participation Diego Fuentes and José Tomás Bastías de la Maza will be the two Chileans who will represent the national talent in Spain.

Diego will be part of the fifth edition of Málaga Talent along with other 19 young people who will have access for ten days to an intense training program with the presence of outstanding professionals.

On the other hand, José Tomás will be participating in Hack Mafiz Malaga, an event aimed at bringing together new talented creators of digital content and distributors, streaming services and producers from around the world to reach new audiences.



The presence of the Chilean delegation in Spain comes to continue the successful public – private actions with the International promotion that CinemaChile along with ProChile and APCT have implemented this 2023 for the Chilean audiovisual industry.


We are happy to return to Malaga. Many projects that will participate come from the hand of new talents, that undoubtedly shows the strength that is developing the sector in terms of production and visibility of content
Annika Madrid, General Coordinator of CinemaChile

This is also reflected with the participation of 2 national festivals, 1 press media and two juries that will be representing the Chilean industry in Spain.

This participation will strengthen commercial ties in Spain, which has a special relevance for us, given the cultural and language proximity. This will allow outstanding Chilean audiovisual works to enter the Spanish market and thus expand to other European latitudes”.
Raúl Vilches, head of ProChile’s Creative Economy department

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