Cinema Chile


November 14, 2023

We highlight Chilean creativity in MIP Cancun! Five talented producers from Chile join this prestigious event, backed by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile.

These visionary producers bring with them a wide range of projects, from films to series, with the goal of finding financing, international co-productions and distribution platforms.

The presence of these outstanding professionals is a testament to Chile’s commitment to the growth and diversity of the film industry, and Mip Cancun is the perfect setting to showcase the talent and potential of Chilean audiovisual production.

Get ready to discover new and exciting stories that will enrich the audiovisual landscape!

Andrés Subercaseaux – Alas

Music Producer and Audiovisual Producer with 24 years of experience composing and producing music for commercials, cinema, TV, theater and media in general. Since 2022 he produces the children’s animated series Petu & Max.

He lands at MIPCancún with Petu & Max, directed by Andrea Lira. An animated musical series in development and will be in search of funding.

Petu & Max is a musical animated series that teaches preschoolers how to deal with everyday joys and frustrations in a family atmosphere of respect and empathy. We are honored to be a CAIA delegate, and our goal is to find partners to produce a first season.

Isidora Fajardo – Cubho Audiovisual

Chilean audiovisual director and producer interested in projects that seek to work live with the territory, exploring new technologies and formats to influence reality. She has produced interactive projects such as Flotando en la Talagante (2019) and Mujeres en Cuarentena (2021). She is also the director and producer of two short films, Largavista (2023) and Fresco Verano (2022). She is currently executive producer at CUBHO Audiovisual and part of the production team of Galgo Storytelling.

Arrives at MIPCancún with El Salar de Kenchikka directed by Raimundo Bastidas & Pablo Cuturrufo. A fictional series is in development and will be in search of funding.

​​Being part of the Chilean delegation of MIPCANCUN is an incredible opportunity for us as a production company, it is the ideal space to connect with the agents of the most relevant series industry and thus enhance our projects in portfolio.

Rafael Valdeavellano- La Ventana Cine

Founder of La Ventana Cine, he is Director, Executive Producer and Editor of the documentary feature film “Chicago Boys” (2015) his debut feature with multiple awards and one of the most watched documentaries in the history of Chilean cinema, having been in theatres for 6 months.  He has also been in charge of productions such as “Nae Pasaran” (2018) and has directed and produced more than 10 documentary series.

To this edition of MIPCancún lands with No quiero decir adiós by Marcela Said. A non-fiction series is in development and will be in search of co-production.

For La Ventana Cine, being in MipCancún represents a tremendous opportunity in our international expansion process. It opens the doors to the most important players in the Latin American television market, along with instances of conversation and new learning experiences about the current audiovisual landscape and, above all, the near future.

Macarena Cardone – Invercine

With more than 20 years developing and producing feature films, documentaries, and TV series, as executive producer she has been in charge of seven films and from Invercine has produced content and creative development with more than 300 hours of television. One of the most outstanding productions is “News of a kidnapping” (Amazon) which received 6 Platinum awards this year.

Being part of MIPCANCUN 2023 is cause for great pride and enthusiasm, which represents a unique opportunity for us and our projects and gives us the chance to present these projects to a diverse audience

Pablo Calisto – Equeco

Film producer. In 2016 he created the company EQUECO with the challenge of empowering young authors with fresh and daring points of view. His projects have been present in international market instances such as EAVE Bridges, Guadalajara, Locarno Industry Days; and awarded in Clermont Ferrand, Biarritz and Miami. He has worked in the area of film distribution and festivals as producer of SANFIC Industria, and he is founder of the Ñuble Film Festival.

This is the first formal approach we make to this market, which we feel with a natural closeness thanks to our stories and the fresh, daring and disruptive point of view of our authors. That is how after 18 months developing and searching for content today we have a portfolio of projects under development with an important potential to generate partnerships and business.

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