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Promising projects from six Chilean production companies arrive at MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR 2022

October 14, 2022

We’re back in Europe! Six Chilean production companies will arrive at MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR, the most important meeting event of the entertainment industry, which will take place in the city of Cannes.

In this 38th edition, more than 10,000 delegates from 96 countries are expected, and Chile itself included. Chilean production companies are arriving with promising projects in different stages of development with a wide international potential. They will look for new agreements, buyers and investors.

Among the 6 producing companies also stand out the five Chilean delegates who will attend the market supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

Under the same line, the Undersecretary of Cultures and Arts, Andrea Gutiérrez Vásquez, highlights the important mission that the ministry has had since 2011 in both markets, ensuring that “we enable networking and outreach with international entertainment content agents, That in turn can lead to agreements and our commitment is to continue joining efforts so that national representatives can carry out their talented ideas

The national presence will also be supported onsite by CinemaChile, by coordinating work meetings and networking actions to create and enhance unlimited business opportunities for Chilean audiovisual.

MIPCOM has become the world’s largest meeting of television and media professionals, where the new series and tv shows compete, an ideal place to look for international partners for their productions. On the other hand, MIPJUNIOR will become the perfect destination for producers and distributors to stand out and for buyers to discover the latest children’s programming before signing any sort of agreements on MIPCOM.

The successful national presence also stands out by including digital guides in each edition and the biennial publication of our catalogue of Chilean series, where more than 50 series have been included in each launch of the French meeting.

With high priority in the audiovisual sector, ProChile’s Chief of Creative Industries, Raúl Vilches highlights the consistent and sustained public and private work in MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR 2022 also states that “through our sector brands CinemaChile and Chiledoc, a participatory work has been created with the different guilds of the sector, framed in the work we develop for the Chilean creative and cultural industries, which are a contribution to diversification, to the aggregation of value and quality of our exportable offer and from that point of view, a priority focus of our work”.

The new edition of this grand event will offer a full program of conferences to outline the panorama on the current global market. If you want to know more about the Chilean participation here we tell you about the projects!


6 production companies will represent Chile in Cannes

Six production companies will be part of this industry and represent Chile in the city of Cannes, France.

Among them will be participating 5 delegates supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage who arrive with their production companies: GeckoAnimación (César Cabezas Cornejo) ; La Ventana Cine (Juan Cristobal Ramirez) ; Parox (Sergio Gandara) ; Estudio Morrón (Constanza Miranda) and María Elena Wood producciones  (María Elena Wood) .


Aconcagua – Invercine

Two brothers settle their unfinished business during an ascent of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America. The place where their father died 20 years ago.


Perrito Galáctico (Galactic Puppy) – GeckoAnimación

Mateo, an insecure astronaut dog, is sent on a mission to Mars. A detour will change the course of the journey and he must rely on his potential to face challenges and discover what and who is behind the mysterious speed of his ship.



Misión Antártica – (Antarctic Mission)La Ventana Cine

A group of scientists willing to leave everything to travel to the end of the world to look under the ice for the keys to adapt us to climate change.



Los mil días de Allende –  (Allende – The Thousand Days) –  Parox

The story of the last years of Salvador Allende’s life, a political leader who will not give up on his commitment to dignify the life of his people, until he loses his life trying.


Brad the Bad Guy – Estudio Morrón

Mandy it’s eager for adventure, but she lives in “El Pasito”, a town controlled by the rules of Rubí, her mother and mayor. Until her rebellious grandfather Brad returns to break Rubí’s rules and motivate Mandy to live the life she always wanted.


Vientos Patagónicos (Patagonian Winds) – María Elena Wood Producciones

German millionaire Johann Beck disappears in his own park in Patagonia shortly after reuniting with his daughter, journalist Alice. With the help of local Jaime Soto, she starts a search that leads her to uncover the truth about her father.



All the details about their participation can be found soon in our quick look of MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR 2022!