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San Sebastian Industry: Chile brings 5 promising projects and 16 production companies

September 20, 2023

The San Sebastián Film Festival is preparing to receive a large part of the Chilean delegation in its industry area, and this time, Chile is presented on the world stage with six exciting productions.

Four Chilean projects will participate in the Europe-Latin America co-production forum with directors such as Alicia Scherson, Sergio Castro, Theo Court and producer Isabel Orellana.

In addition two others will be part of WIP LATAM represented by directors Camilo Becerra and Sofía Gómez (Maybe it’s true what they say about us) and the representative performance of Antonia Zegers (Los domingos mueren más personas – Argentina).

A total of 16 national production companies will participate in industry activities, including 5 ones supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage that will seek to establish alliances for an incredible number of projects at different stages of production.

In addition, Cinemachile will be present in the market to facilitate connections between local talent and the global industry, along with networking meetings for the exchange of ideas and opportunities in industry meetings.

Read the whole article! And join us on this exciting journey to learn about the promising projects that Chileans are creating and that come together in search of global opportunities in San Sebastián.

“Chile will once again be at the San Sebastian Film Festival, which continues to consolidate the international promotion strategy of the Chilean creative economy. The Chilean delegation at this festival will continue to promote the global projection of our talents and productions, where we lead initiatives that promote the diversification of the export matrix by highlighting the excellence of our exportable supply”.
Raúl Vilches, head of the Creative Economy Department of ProChile


25, 26, 27 September

Eleven years after its creation, the forum seeks to promote the development of audiovisual projects to encourage the collaboration of fiction and non-fiction projects in development. In addition, some of these projects will be able to continue their international trajectory in Ventana Sur (Buenos Aires) and in the next edition of the Producers Network of Cannes.

In this edition 4 of the 14 projects selected are Chilean:

I’m fine by Alicia Scherson

A fictional drama produced by Catalina Vergara (Globo Rojo films)  currently under development and in search of co-production. The story tells the life of Rosario, a loving mother, her present daughter and an active citizen. While waiting for the results of a biopsy from mom, the girl’s father appears and her life begins to stagger.

Three Dark Nights by Theo Court (Spain – Chile)

Directed by Theo and produced by Giancarlo Nasi (Quijote Films), both Chileans land in Spain with a fictional drama in development in co-production with Spain (El Viaje Films).

A Thousand Pieces by Sergio Castro San Martín (Chile – Argentina – Germany )

With the participation of Sergio from the direction and produced by Eduardo Pizarro, both Chileans arrive with this road movie in development. A co-production with Argentina and Germany that is immersed in a family trip and an accident that will change everyone’s life.

Okonomiyaki by Gabe Klinger  (Brazil – Chile – France )

Produced from Chile by Isabel Orellana (Araucaria Cine), the developing film is a coming of age set in the dizzying São Paulo, where the two protagonists, Martim and Yumi, face separately the challenges of moving towards adulthood.


25, 26, 27 September

An industry section aimed at Latin American productions in post-production stages.

Maybe it’s true what they say about us by Camilo Becerra and Sofía Paloma Gómez coproducción (Chile – Argentina)

Directed by both Chileans and produced by Gabriela Sandoval and Carlos Núñez (StoryBoard Media), the co-production with Argentina, in post-production stage, is based on real events and tells the story of Ximena who receives the visit of her daughter Tamara, who she has not seen for years and is being investigated due to the disappearance of a newborn within the sect where she participates.

Los domingos mueren más personas by Iair Said (Argentina)

With the participation of Antonia Zegers. Los domingos mueren más personas is a dramatic comedy that addresses profound themes such as death, grief and the search for meaning in life.

17 Chilean production companies are present in Industry Club San Sebastian

In a scenario where art and industry merge, 17 production companies with talented Chilean projects will seek to transcend borders and take them to new horizons, some of them are will: Clara Films, Quijote Films, Dos Be Producciones, La Merced Producciones & Twentyfour Seven, LaWarrior Films, Parox, Araucaria Cine, Errante, Fabula, Poetastros and Storyboard Media.

Among this large delegation that goes to the San Sebastian market, stand out the 5 production companies supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage which are: A Simple Vista , Funky Films, Juntos Films, Latente Films y La Madre.

Check out our presskit, the perfect guide in which you can learn in detail all about their projects.

RTVE Special Screening

To this great participation is added a special screening, organized by the Embassy of Chile and RTVE of the first two episodes of the series Los mil días de Allende, directed by Nicolás Acuña and produced by Parox (Sergio Gándara and Leonora González) in co-production with Spain and Argentina the series starring Alfredo Castro tells the story of the last years of life of Salvador Allende. It will also have a large cast, including Benjamín Vicuña, Pablo Capuz and Aline Küppenheim, among others.

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