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Record of Success: 309 International Awards for Chilean Audiovisual in 2023

January 29, 2024

Exciting news from the Chilean audiovisual world! The recent CinemaChile study has thoroughly explored the international awards obtained in festivals, markets and laboratories, for works in their various stages.

The second edition of the study has demonstrated the great potential of Chile in international meetings for 12 months, saying farewell to a great year with 309 international awards, 41.1% more than the previous year when it reached 219 awards.

Join us and take a look at this second study that we have done with great pride for the entire international and national industry!


The annual analysis reveals that these 309 awards were granted to 133 productions and/or projects.

The Short Films take the lead with 137 awards positioned as a strong format, obtaining 59 more awards than the previous year.

Other formats continue to rank:

“This study has been a great success, because it allows us to demonstrate the incredible worldwide recognition of Chilean audiovisual, something that has been sustained and increased from approximately 2010 onwards.”

Gabriela Sandoval, President of the Association of Producers of Film and Television (APCT).

Chile sparkles on all continents

Chileans and their works stand out all over the world. The great and new focus of the study also seeks to demonstrate that all the continents of the world award and receive each year Chilean productions and projects in the different meetings that take place during a whole year.

Europe remains a great ally with a total of 102 awards, followed by Latin America with a total of 88 and North America (US, Canada and Mexico) with 78 awards.  While Asia enters the list with 37 awards, it is considered a very good result “to be a newer area of the world in the participation of our country’s filmography in Festivals and markets“,  says Sandoval.


The success of co-productions is indisputable. For 12 months we saw the great reach of these alliances, where 101 international awards were awarded, 188% more than in 2022.

As a result, this attracts more and more potential investors and producers who want to create content with Chilean professionals, in addition to continuing to encourage and strengthen the bilateral co-production agreements signed last year with countries such as: Germany, Spain, Costa Rica and Peru, an agenda that will continue to pursue these efforts during the year.

From productions such as Alien0089 (Valeria Hoffman), Quiltro (Vuk Lungulov); News of a kidnapping (Andrés Wood) and The Settlers  (Felipe Gálvez)  , among others, as well as projects such as Lucila (Bernardita Ojeda) Before you leave (Vicente del Río Laya and Hans von Marées Pede) and The Meltdown  (Manuela Martelli ) among others, were some of the outstanding co-productions that were awarded prizes during 2023.


In 2022, we witnessed the outstanding performance of numerous female directors shining with their creations beyond Chile’s borders, where 88 of the 219 international awards were granted.

In the recent 2023, the panorama was a little more encouraging with 105 awards for works directed by women.

“Although it is a significant figure, it is still far from those signed by directors who double in numberr, being them 204

Gabriela Sandoval 

In addition to highlighting the achievements of Chilean audiovisual, these studies underline the urgent need to implement structural changes that ensure equitable opportunities for all female directors and dissidents around the world.

Let’s continue to show the world the great audiovisual talent that Chile has!

If you get an international award during 2024, don’t forget to let us know to be part of the third edition of this study.