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March 13, 2023

Two months after its release, DISCONNECTED, the first Chilean film by Amazon Prime Video, directed by Diego Rougier, added another record to his international career.

During the last weeks the film starring Javiera Contador, has stood out by positioning itself in the top 10 of several Latin American countries, also adding in the top 10 of the most seen in Madagascar, Cambodia, Mongolia, among others.

In addition, the first remake of the film has already been confirmed during 2023 in Thailand and future agreements of the platform for remakes in other countries.

In addition, during these days the film was nominated in the new category Best Ibero-American Comedy Fiction Film of the Platino Awards, the gala is to be held on April 22.

Learn about this and more in the exclusive interview we had with its director!



We have been in the top 10 in Chile and several countries for two months. It has been a beautiful surprise for everyone
Diego Rougier


What does the recent Platino Awards nomination mean for “Disconnected”?

It is a huge thrill to be able to be in such an important competition. This reaffirms our conviction that stories written and generated from Chile can transcend on equal terms with huge productions from other parts of the world.


How did the project start?

The original idea of the film came to us just before the pandemic. We let the idea rest while we began to write another film, High Vengeance. A year later, locked away by the quarantine, we felt it was time to pick up this story, when we were more dependent than ever on our digital connections.


When did Amazon and the rest of the team join in?

Amazon joined when I was pitching to them High Vengeance. At the end of the meeting they asked me if I had any comedy, and since we were already working on Disconnected I told them what the story was about. As a result, everything happened very quickly, several meetings, we finished the script in 2021, we started pre-production in March 2022, we shot in April and May, and in December we released.

Making an Amazon Originals requires adapting to the American industry protocols.  Luckily in Chile we have more and more professionals with extensive experience in all areas. It was a wonderful learning experience

What role do actors play in your productions so that they take life and transmit what you are looking for?

I usually write with certain actors in mind.  At the beginning the protagonist was a man and when we decided to change it for a woman, I could not think of another actress other than Javiera Contador as the protagonist. The same with Jaime Vadel, I had always wanted to work with him in a production. And at the time of writing this character, it was already written with Jaime in that role.


What can you tell us about the remakes planned for the coming years? 

We were even more surprised when it was so recently released. For us, seeing this story that we wrote locked up in Santiago during the pandemic, performed with another air, other actors, other cultures, fills us with pride and shows us the transcendence of projects that we can generate from Chile.

Disconnected is a deceptive comedy, as its background is a drama. It raises several issues, dependence and hyper connectivity, the fragility of today’s world, the relationship with the old, and how important personal reactions are


What is the path to consider upcoming productions to be part of the streaming?

The number of films produced each year is enormous. The world of streaming is in continuous motion and there are countries that lead us in Latin America, such as Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. Our place will only be achieved if we continue to produce quality films, with our own label and voice, which can be enjoyed in other countries and cultures.