Cinema Chile


September 1, 2023

Discover the exclusive details behind the world premiere of El Conde in Venice 2023 with Pablo Larraín: Take a look!

Thousands of emotions and great expectations were experienced yesterday in one of the most important stages and red carpets of the audiovisual world and of course we have exclusive images for you to live the experience of being in Venice.

CinemaChile had access and the great privilege of sitting down with Pablo Larrain and exploring his creative vision, the challenges faced during production and the secrets behind the film that everyone is talking about.


El conde is a satire of terror that portrays a universe in which Augusto Pinochet (Jaime Vadell) a 250-year-old vampire who, tired of being remembered as a thief, decides to die.

The hardest part of this film was finding the right tone, that balance of satire and farce to be able to talk about Pinochet, as Pablo mentions in the first minutes of the interview.

Filmed entirely in Chile across four regions, it also unites renowned Chilean actors such as Gloria Münchmeyer, Alfredo Castro and Paula Luchsinger, who are joined by Catalina Guerra, Marcial Tagle, Amparo Noguera, Diego Muñoz and Antonia Zegers, playing the Count’s children.

But that’s not all. We want to take you beyond the screen and transport you to the glamorous red carpet afternoon, where the stars lined up to celebrate the World Premiere of El Conde.

“What we sought with the team was to give Pinochet an identity in space and time. That decadence that is in the film is the decadence of the characters and the world we are describing.”

Finally, if you are eager to enjoy El Conde from the comfort of your home, we have good news! Mark your calendar, because the film is about to hit Netflix on September 15 and in theaters on September 7, allowing you to explore its intriguing narrative and Larraín’s unique vision over and over again, whenever and wherever you want.

Do not miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the cinematic universe of Pablo Larraín and discover all the exciting details behind El Conde in Venice.

Prepare the popcorn, play the movie and enjoy this direct trip to Venice 2023!