Cinema Chile


July 21, 2023

Incentives, agreements and new projects were part of the experience of four Chilean professionals in the new edition of BOGOTÁ AUDIOVISUAL MARKET (BAM).

We had the privilege of talking with four outstanding professionals from the Chilean audiovisual industry who recently returned from the BOGOTÁ AUDIOVISUAL MARKET,, one of the most important events in the region in the film and television industry.

Last week, Gabriela Sandoval, Alvaro Cabello, Cristián Ramirez and Sebastián Avilés immersed themselves in an environment full of opportunities in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, a truly revealing experience that strengthened co-production, projects and activities to enrich the Chilean audiovisual industry.

Each one of them brought a unique and valuable perspective that will undoubtedly inspire more professionals from Chile to participate in its 2024 edition.

Join us here to learn from their experience during #BAM2023!

Gabriela Sandoval – Cine Matriz

How was the experience of attending BAM with Otra piel?

It was very profitable as it is a documentary film in co-production with Colombia, and is in a state of rough cut. So with our co-producers we were able to meet with different festival programmers and sales agents that we were interested in, and in turn it helped to close details of the post-production that is being worked on in Bogotá.

Is it a good market for Chilean productions?

It is a very good space for Chilean productions, since on the one hand it allows you to learn the Colombian industry and see possible partners in production and post-production, as well as the market being an ideal space for you to meet with international agents.

What does the co-production alliance between Chile and Colombia look like?

I participated in a conference about how to co-produce with Latin America, and in it was the Director of Audiovisual, Film and Interactive Media -DACMI- of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia; María Fernanda Céspedes, who confirmed that she was in conversation with her peers in Chile, and that there was a political will to be able to finalize the agreement soon as there are many co-productions and joint work between both countries. So we hope as a sector that the agreement will materialize soon as it was with Spain.

Álvaro Cabello – Fabula

Did you achieve the goals previously set for BAM from Fabula?

Fabula 2023’s overall strategy with markets has more to do with observing and analyzing the environment than with going behind specific goals, so we can travel through the different territories and ecosystems that markets offer. However, the BAM, Colombia and its culture, offer much more than that, so we can say satisfactorily that we have met the main goals of participation.

How was the experience of participating in BAM 2023?

Once again, being part of the BAM has been an enriching experience for our company, we return to Chile with interesting projects to evaluate, possible future collaborations in which to investigate, but above all a lot of learning, connection and knowledge of the environment in which we all, as professionals, move day by day.

What differentiates BAM from other Latin American markets?

Colombia is a fertile land, rich and diverse in culture, is from there where the BAM makes the difference with the rest of the Latin American markets because it is a country that has made rapid progress in public policies and tax incentives that allow audiovisual exploiting these benefits. Its contents are also diverse and special, with a strong local character, which often makes it difficult to find the potential of co-production, however, its creators are open to hear changes and proposals that go in that search. As a Chilean audiovisual industry we have much to learn from Colombia, its diversity and management capacity, the incentives that have generated in recent years have attracted foreign productions from the most diverse territories and continue to do so, In this way, the most expensive projects that have been produced so far in Latin America can be carried out.

Sebastián Avilés – Storyboard Media

How to describe the experience in Colombia Locarno Industry?

A highly enriching multicultural experience where, through master classes with different programmers, sales agents and platforms;  we share knowledge with new generations of distributors.

After participating in the program in what area should Chile work more within distribution?

Colombia’s model of economic incentive for the screening of short films is a subject that we should explore in depth. Theaters, both from commercial and alternative venues, can access a tax break when screening national short films.

What projects and/or strategies do you have in mind after participating in BAM?

To apply the experience of my Latin American colleagues, along with the tools of the speakers of the Colombia Locarno Industry Academy, in the distribution of the future titles of the Storyboard Media catalog.

Cristian Rodríguez – Matucana 100

What goals did Matucana 100 seek in the new edition of BAM?

Matucana attended to present its experience around the creation of the cinema area and how it was transformed into a national cinema exhibition window, forming audiences and retaining viewers through programming. In that sense we met other similar projects from different places in Colombia with which we exchanged experiences.

In the different meetings and talks of BAM we established links to bring to Chile a sample of Colombian documentaries in association with DocCo and a selection of shorts from the BogoShorts Festival.

How could audience loyalty be enhanced in Chile? What are the differences with Colombia?

In this sense the methods of film audience loyalty do not differ much from those of Chile (press management, talks with directors, on-site activations ) but an interesting difference is in the use, as a tool for promotion and amplification, in a magnitude not used in Chile.