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June 2, 2023

The delegation of more than 10 national production companies that will attend Ficg 2023, includes 5 Chilean producers who will participate thanks to the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage (MINCAP), through its Support Program for Participation in International Markets, belonging to the Council of the Art and Audiovisual Industry (CAIA).

Meet the producers and their projects here

Maximiliano Scheleff – Pajareza Films

Chilean filmmaker and producer. Among his works as a producer are the non-fiction series Kulmapu and Por la Razón y la Ciencia, issued by CNNChile in addition to Dignidad (2019), Noticia de un Secuestro (2022)

I Must Away (2023) and the award-winning short film Hombre, by Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz, which screened at more than 30 festivals around the world and was picked up for distribution in Europe and Asia by Shorts TV.

Currently working as an executive producer at Pajareza Films, where he is developing Juan Pablo Arias’ Karukinka with Marie Ballon (producer), a fiction thriller that is in the script writing stage and will be in search of co-producers.

 “Our Karukinka project is starting to move more and more and it is the ideal time to be in one of the most important markets of the Latin American market. I am interested in collaborating with other producers in the region, especially in Mexico, which is a very interesting industry and is increasingly having links with Chile”.

Pablo Berthelon – Carnada Films

With more than 25 years of experience he has directed and produced various and award-winning works for film and television, as well as video clips and advertising spots, from the direction role stand out Rosita: the Favorite of the Third Reich (2013) and the short film “Brief Love Story and a Couple of Songs” (2021) among others.

As a producer he has made: El Pacto de Adriana (2017), Ultimo Año ( 2017), and Días de Cine, La Historia del Cine Chileno (2020) for television, among others.

He lands at FICG 2023 with Mi nuevo estilo de baile , a project directed by him and produced by Karina Jury, Eduardo Villalobos and Claudia Rojas. The feature is in production and will be looking for sales agents.

“This fiction feature film will be filmed in November and for us this is an opportunity to get a sales agent before the end of the final stage, that is our main goal to achieve”.

Gabriela Rojas – Estudio Humedal 

Filmmaker from the University of Chile. Her experience in film and audiovisual has focused on the Art Direction of short films and Art Assistance for fiction projects.  In Stop Motion she has been part of the construction area of props and characters in important series such as Paper Port and Zander.

Attends FICG as co-director of Yin Yin, an animation project codirected with Felipe Astorga and produced by Pilar Smoje that is in production stage and will be in search of financing.

“It is our first market and we see it as a great opportunity to learn and find partners. Our project rescues a little known aspect about the life of Gabriela Mistral, one of the most influential women in Latin America and especially in Mexico for her contribution in education. I believe that this detail makes the FICG the ideal space for finding collaborators for our project”.

Matías Rojas  – A Simple Vista 

Director, scriptwriter and producer. His first feature, Root, has been an international success throughout his career. the co-director of the short film I need to know ( Cannes Directors’ Fortnight) along with director Mariko Saga, A Place Called Dignity (L’Atelier de la Cinéfondation del Festival de Cannes) premiered in Tallinn and was awarded at multiple festivals to later being acquired by the platforms HBO Max and FILMIN.

Currently, he’s developing the fictional feature film Patas de perro, a fictional drama produced by Tomás Gerlach, which was also selected at the 19th FICG Co-production Meeting. The feature is in development and will be looking for funding.

For Paws of the Dog the FICG Co-production Meeting is the first of many international bodies. It is a project that in a short time has advanced strongly, and we hope to continue with this trend for the next international markets“. Tomás Gerlach – Producer

Clara Larraín- Clara Films

Her production career began in 2014 with the Danza webseries, then produced and starred in Atacama (SANFIC 14) in co-production with the US, the viral webseries HomoNova and the dramedy White is for Virgins (SLFF, available on HBO Max) by director Jacqueline Pepall, with whom she develops the feature film You Tell Me (Chile – Canada).

After passing through Marché du Film a few weeks ago, she continues FICG 2023 her journey with Ana Cristina Barragán’s La Hiedra, a fictional drama in pre-production stage that will be in FICG in search of Sales Agents.

“It will be a very enriching experience professionally. Nurturing these ties with international professionals seems to me to be key to progress and FICG is one of the most propitious Latin American spaces for this”

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