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June 2, 2023

The Chilean audiovisual returns to Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG 2023) ! The presence will be headed by Five feature films and two short film in the official competition, the debut of the series showcase in the official section with the selection of The life of us by Barbara Barrera and  Laughing on the Inside by Maite Alberdi in adittion to four national projects selected in the industry programs.

At the same time, a delegation of more than 30 Chileans and 16 production houses will attend the market onsite, including 5 CAIA delegates, supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage with the goal of reaching agreements and alliances that will enable them to complete their promising projects.

The Chilean participation will also be supported by CinemaChile and its onsite stand, where various meetings, networking activities with ProChile and the presence of the Chilean ambassador in Mexico will be held.

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7 Chilean productions in the Official Competition

As we have already let you know, Chile will have a powerful participation in the Guadalajara Film Festival.

7 productions will be participating in three important competitive instances by big Chilean directors and producers:

Official Competition Ibero-American Fiction Feature Film
  • Sister & Sister by Kattia G. Zúñiga, produced by Alejo Crisóstomo (Chile) will be participating for one of the 6 awards given by this selection, a unique film experience for the audience, where 9 feature films from around the world will have their screening in Mexico during the FICG 38.
Official Competition Ibero-American Feature Film Documentary
  • Notes for a Film by Ignacio Agüero, Alien Island by Cristóbal Valenzuela and The Infinite Memory by Maite Alberdi will be the three Chilean productions that will participate in this section, where Chile is proposed as one of the candidates with more presence alongside Spain.
Official Competition Best Ibero-American Fiction Short Film
  • The House of Sand by Luis Vicente Fresno will be competing in this section along with 21 other productions from around the world, a short film that portrays the life of a couple of young parents who take their child to see the sea for the first time. Family life falls apart as they talk about their future.
Premio Maguey
  • After its great journey through Sundance and Berlinale, Mutt by Vuk Lungulov-Klotz will be one of the 16 productions that aspire to the EMME Statuette, which awards films that explore themes linked to the LGBTQ+ community.
Socio-environmental Film Award
  • Los ojos de mar tienen memoria by Margot Valenzuela will be part of the special screening Experiences of socio-environmental transformation: alternatives for a world of tomorrow, which will take place within the framework of the Socio-environmental Film Award along with 8 other productions.
“All these films have a strong authorial stamp and their own voice, both from new talents and first films. It is also important to mention the large co-productions with countries such as Panama, France or Italy, which further highlight the interest of other countries in the Chilean audiovisual industry.”
Ximena Baeza , Executive Director CinemaChile


For the first time the Festival has created a Showcase (sample) of Series in which has been selected La vida de nosotras by Barbara Barrera and Laughing on the Inside by Maite Alberdi along with 2 other international series.

La vida de nosotras faithfully embodies the pain and resistance of millions of women victims and survivors of male violence. An X-ray of one of the most serious problems we must face as a society.

Laughing on the Inside is a non-fiction drama that explores the life of a teacher who leads comedy workshops for incarcerated people in Mexico City as they learn to transform their trauma into comedy.

4 projects in industry that you cannot miss

To this great participation are also added the projects in Guadalajara Construye, 19th Co-production Meeting and Episodio 0, which demonstrate once again the quality and originality of Chilean cinematography.

Guadalajara Construye 
  • Todos somos justos by Carlos Leiva : A fictional drama with original touches of the thriller, produced by Felipe Azúa (Avispa Cine) in the post-production stage and which will seek sales agent.
19° Co-production Meeting
  • Patas de perro by Matías Rojas Valencia : A fictional drama produced by Tomás Gerlach (A Simple Vista) is in development and will seek funding.
Episodio 0 
  • Raza Brava by Hernán Caffiero : A fictional drama mixed with action, produced by Ramiro Zamorano (BTF Media), in development and will seek funding.
  • El nuevo vestir by Catalina Yentzen : A non-fiction that will talk about the environment and ecology,  produced by Catalina Yentzen (EO Films) and co-produced by Sofia Calvo,  in the development stage and will seek funding.


16 Chilean Production companies, 3 national festivals , 4 institutions and Maria Paz Eberhard as jury member in Guadalajara Construye, they make up the Chilean delegation that will be working in the field and looking for new partners and strategic connections for the audiovisual.

This year we celebrate 16 years of participation with a stand in the Industry area, consolidating a Chilean presence in the different instances of the festival and Market. As ProChile, we are very pleased by the recognition received by the Chilean Creative Economy in this event, the contribution it gives to the diversification of the Chilean export matrix of services and by international recognition of the sector brand CinemaChile“.
Ignacio Fernandez, General Director of ProChile

Among this large delegation that goes to the Guadalajara market, stand out the 5 production houses supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, among which are: Clara Films, A Simple Vista , Pajareza Films, Carnada Films and Estudio Humedal, they will go with projects of the hand of directors/ as such as: Matías Rojas, Juan Pablo Arias, Ana Cristina Barragán, Pablo Berthelon, Gabriela Rojas and Felipe Astorga.

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Series Showcase

For the first time Industria FICG will have a showcase of series, there La vida de nosotras (Saturday 3 – 12.00h at Cineteca FICG 04) by Bárbara Barrera Morales and Laughing on the Inside (Thursday 8 – 16.00h at Conjunto Santander – Room 2) by Maite Alberdi  will be in charge of representing Chile.

Market Screenings

Chile has its space in the Ficg 38 Market Screening. Industry accredited professionals will be able to access during the festival and Mexican market exclusive screenings of Las Cenizas (Tuesday, June 06 – 11.00h at Cineteca FICG 04) , a fictional drama that is already finalized and will be in search of sales agents

Eventos de Networking – ProChile

On Tuesday, June 6, the networking event organized by ProChile to promote international alliances between the Chilean delegation and other industry professionals will be open to the public.

Trans representation in contemporary cinema

Vuk Lungulov-Klotz, director of Mutt (Quiltro) film selected in the Maguey Award section of FICG 2023, will hold a Panel on Thursday 8 – 13.00h to 14.00h in Room 3, Conjunto Santander de artes escénicas (CAE).

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