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Chile makes history! For the first time in 36 editions of the Goya Awards a Chilean documentary wins Best Ibero-American Film

February 15, 2022

We are thrilled about Patricio Guzman’s successful journey and also for the entire film crew!

This evening in Spain, the acclaimed documentary The Cordillera of Dreams achieved a new milestone for the national cinematography as well as for the career of the outstanding Chilean documentarian while triumphing in the Goya awards, a ceremony that annually recognizes and highlights the best audiovisual productions of Spain, Europe and Ibero-America, carried out by the Spanish Academy of Film Arts and Sciences.

The national film surpassed «Canción sin nombre» (Peru), «Las siamesas» (Argentina) and «Los lobo»‍ (Mexico).

«The Cordillera of Dreams» is a cinematic essay and an intimate and collective introspection about Chile that, narrated during 84 minutes, came to finalize the trilogy that Guzmán began in 2010 with Nostalgia for Light (Best Documentary, European Film Awards) and The Pearl Button (Silver Bear for Best Screenplay, Berlinale 2015).

Alexandra Galvis (Market Chile), one of the producers of the documentary, has collected the award on behalf of Patricio Guzmán, and asked Chile to «never forget, and to use its memory in order to build».

Alexandra Galvis, productora del filme (Market Chile), recibiendo el galardón en España.

Through the extraordinary Chilean geography, the documentarian manages to warn about the danger of memory and thus place the audience in a place of reflection about the past in order to look at the future through important testimonies of Chilean art and culture, such as as Francisco Gazitúa (sculptor), Javiera Parra (singer), Álvaro Amigo (volcanologist), Vicente Gajardo (sculptor), Guillermo Muño (painter), Pablo Salas (Filmmaker) and Jorge Baradit (Writer), where history connects with the dictatorship of Chile, the horrors of that era and its economic and, above all, social consequences that mark the country’s present.

A life of success. Thus we could summarize the story of Patricio Guzmán who, without a doubt, has become one of the most prominent faces of the documentary, worldwide and in Chile, where his expansive career has led him to receive nearly 70 awards and to be a jury member at important international festivals in a career of more than 50 years.

After winning the L’Oeil d’Or Award for Best Documentary at the Cannes Film Festival (2019) after the world premiere of The Cordillera of Dreams and starting this 2022 making history at the Goya, the documentarian will continue to add important milestones in March since there will be a Retrospective on his films at the Latin American Film Festival in Toulouse (France).


On the platform called Ondamedia you can access the documentary for free to enjoy it online just by registering on the website, where you can also find other documentary films by Guzmán as Pueblo en vilo (1995).

CinemaChile congratulates our dear Patricio Guzmán and we are happy to share this news with you. We are sure that documentary cinema in Chile will continue to receive awards for bringing to mind those forgotten events, big or small, that have marked collective or personal history.