Venice Gap-Financing Market announces Chilean participation in 6th edition

The 6th edition of the Venice Gap-Financing market, a project financing platform, will take place from August 30th to September 1st as part of the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

This event offers the opportunity to secure international financing through individual meetings with potential associates from around the world and is directed toward European and non-European producers with feature-length fiction or documentary projects that already have 70% of their budget and have the potential to be distributed in theaters. The platform also selects virtual reality works with a minimum duration of 10 minutes and at least 30% of their budget financed.

The latest edition will have 51 projects divided into 3 categories: productions in varied stages of development and funding. National participation includes three pieces: In the Shade of Trees by Matías Rojas, produced by Quijote Films; Hypha by Natalia Cabrera, produced by Maltrato Films; and minority co-production Re Granchio by Alessio Rigo and Matteo Zoppis, developed between Italy, Argentina, and Chile.

In the Shade of Trees tells the story of Pablo, the son of a countrywoman, who begins boarding school at Colonia Dignidad, a German immigrant settlement in the south of Chile, with the goal of obtaining a better education. Pablo gradually becomes the favorite of the patriarch, Uncle Paul (68), who he sees as the father he never had. However, being the favorite hides an obligation that puts an abrupt end to his innocence, and that will lead him to plan an almost impossible escape with irreversible consequences. Pablo becomes the first person to confront Uncle Paul.

Meanwhile, Hypha is a virtual reality adventure that guides the participant in the life cycle of a mushroom, from a spore into a fruiting body, that takes root in the soil of the extreme south of the continent. The project seeks for the user to reflect on the key role of mushrooms as remedial agents in our planet’s soils.

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