International TV Catalogue 2019

The time for Chilean TV series is now

Up until now, there is no doubt that the quality and originality of Chilean independent TV series have found their audiences in foreign markets and in specific niches, where a vast array of original content has been positioned worldwide. The year 2019, however, marks an important landmark in the rise of Chilean TV series: talent is flowing between our film and TV industries like connected vessels, strengthening the cinematic quality and high volume of all of our productions.

This crossover has cast a spotlight on Chilean TV content, consolidating a flexible and innovative national industry that knows how to adapt to the changes in the international scenario. Global recognition and critical acclaim is one sure-fire way to measure the remarkable rise of our intertwining industries: 3 EMMY’s and 2 OSCAR’s in under a decade, proving our content to be riddled with versatile and universal storytelling. Weather it be transmitted on TV, streamed, or shown on a big-screen: Chilean series are fresh, creative, and coming your way.

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