Solitary Land

A researcher found 32 documentaries filmed on Easter Island almost a century ago. They contain images of the island’s rock sculptures, the Moai, but they barely show the island’s inhabitants, whom at the time were being subjected to a cruel colonization, being treated like slaves and held captive for over 60 years. Desperate, many of them escaped on makeshift boats, heading out for open sea. Tierra Sola tells the story of how one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinies was once a prison, together with a register of the island’s current prison: a small community guarded by local and Chilean prison guards, from which no inmate has ever escaped. Where would a fugitive go on the planet’s most remote island? Tierra Sola is a documentary about the paradox of freedom

Company: Domestic Films
Director & Script: Tiziana Panizza
Executive Producers & Director’s Assistant: Macarena Fernández
Producers: Soledad Silva
Director of Photography: Pablo Valdés
Sound: Claudio Vargas
Editor: Coti Donoso y Tiziana Panizza
Local Production: Mahatua Producciones, Leonardo Pakarati y Paula Rossetti
Image Post: Kiné-Imágenes
Sound Post: SONAMOS
Duration: 107′



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