Peluchonneau - Martinez 2


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It’s 1948 and Pablo Neruda is pursued after the communist party is declared outlawed. The President calls for his impeachment, delegating his arrest to Óscar Peluchonneau. Neruda becomes a poet turned into a weapon. He lives in hiding with his wife Delia del Carril, writes the ‘Canto General’ and tries to flee the country while Peluchonneau is hot on his heels. The poet uses this persecution to reinvent himself, he become both a symbol for liberty and a literary legend.

Director: Pablo Larraín
Producer: Juan de Dios Larraín
Script: Guillermo Calderón
Cinematography: Sergio Armstrong
Production Designer: Estefanía Larraín
Sound: Rubén Piputto
Editor: Hervé Scheid
Cast: Gael García Bernal, Luis Gnecco y Mercedes Morán



  • Festival de Cine de Lima

    Best Script
  • Premios Fénix

    Best Film Editing
  • Premios Fénix

    Best Costume Design
  • Premios Fénix

    Best Art Design
  • Premios Fénix

    Best Iberoamerican Film