And the whole sky fit in the dead cow’s eye

In a small village in Chile, Emeteria (85) is visited by the ghost of her former master. She believes he has come to take her to the afterlife, but he has far more devastating news.

Director: Francisca Alegría
Company: Jirafa y Forastero
Executive Producers: Joaquín Echeverria, Lucas Engel, Francisca Barraza y Juan Pablo Gevert
Producers: Augusto Matte & Florencia Larrea
Co-producers: Brigit Gernbock (Germany)
Screenplay: Francisca Alegría
Director of Photography: Matías Illanes
Production Design: Bernardita Baeza
Editor: Francisca Alegría y Andrea Chignoli
Sound Design: Claudio Vargas
Music: José Badia
Cast: Shenda Román, Luis Dubó, Catalina Saavedra & Gregory Cohen
Duration: 19′




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