12/03/2019 Chilean film “Piola” conquers at Guadalajara Construye 13 (WIP) at FICG 2019

This Sunday, the awards for the 13th edition of Guadalajara Construye/Works in Progress, which grants economic stimuli from several businesses to film projects in post-production. This space aims to streamline and financially support the films, and its thirteenth edition took place on March 9th and 10th.

Seeking to contribute to the finalization of Ibero-American feature-length fiction films in post-production, “Guadalajara Construye 13” selected seven projects in development. These productions were presented to diverse industry professionals, such as producers, distributors, sales agents, and festival representatives, among others.

One of the seven projects chosen to participate in the event was the Chilean film Piola, directed by Luis Alejandro Pérez, and which portrays a weekend in the life of three teenagers from the urban outskirts of Santiago. The narrative shows the internal dynamics of these groups, the lack of a sense of belonging, and their problems with their parents, teachers, and bosses.

The film’s producer, Rolando Santana on the left, and the director of the film, Luis Alejandro Pérez on the right. Photos: Antonio Rubio.

Piola was hoisted up as the night’s grand winner, obtaining six of thirteen: the Pablo Mondragón Music/Disruption Award, which consists of the musical composition and scoring or Soundalive and 5.1 sound mixing; the Yagan Films Award, which includes complete audio post-production; the Habanero Award, which facilitates distribution and international promotion expenses; the OA Sound Award, which grants 120 hours of editing and sound; the 1936 Award, which consists of the design of opening and closing credit sequences, such as design for the end scroll; and finally, the Cinemaven Award, which grants advisory services for a global distribution, sales, and festival strategy, such as support and orientation through the search and final selection of sales agents.

After receiving the awards, Pérez commented, “We’re very content. We didn’t expect such reception from the jury, the audience, who have approached us to congratulate us on the film. The fear that we had was that the colloquialisms would make the film less understandable, but it was quite the contrary, they loved it, they understood the references, they got emotional, and I think that was reflected in the six awards that will allow us to finish the film. We’re very content, we didn’t expect to walk away with this. It’s been a whirlwind, how it was received. It’s been a great experience.”

The film’s producer, Rolando Santana, also referred to the film’s achievements and the emotions he feels in winning the awards. “We’re very happy with what we’ve achieved. We’re already on solid ground to wrap our project and have the film finished. The experience has been incredible. Actually, when they began to hand out the awards, we couldn’t believe it; it was impressive and very emotional. This leaves us on the right foot to finish it, to begin the other leg, which has to do with what kind of festival run the finished film will have, and also, eventually, its premiere in Chile and worldwide.”


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