07/03/2019 The Martian Pampas”, science fiction project to land at Guadalajara’s Doculab

Between , a new version of Doculab will take place, an event whose function is to support and boost directors and producers to finalize their projects and find routes to distribution. The production Pampas Marcianas (The Martian Pampas) by Aníbal Jofré, who gave details about the production and his participation in the event, is the selected Chilean project this year.

Jofré clarifies some of the characteristics of this documentary: “This system of production functions very differently than that of a traditional arthouse documentary. Here, the community of the town of María Elena (north of Chile) was very involved in different roles, in a collaborative work more than three months long. They are part of the script, sometimes they take the camera, sometimes the art, sound, they act, they document, and we do a performance at some moments. This makes the credits very liquid. That’s why we prefer to say it’s a film by the MAFI foundation (Spanish-language acronym for Filmic Map of a Country) and by the community of María Elena, not only by me, where I perform the labor of general director, perhaps a subtle difference, but substantial in understanding an order than breaks with the hierarchical dictatorship of film production.”

Regarding what he hopes to convey with Pampas Marcianas, Jofré explained that “this is a collaborative film, which means there’s a diversity in points of view, perspectives, feelings, stories, and life experiences from a group of more than 50 local men and women, which are those that meld together in Pampas Marcianas.”

In relation to his participation in Doculab, the director asserts, “Our participation is produced by the results of the awards at the same instance carried out during the Viña Film Festival in 2018. For us, this opportunity is key, thinking about, on one hand, continuing to work on the film’s cut, exploring its tones, rhythms, and nuances, and on the other hand, the possibility of obtaining support for the post-production of Pampas Marcianas.”

He adds: “Pampas Marcianas invites [audiences] to hallucinate a different future, a simulacrum of a new exodus, not very different from the hundreds of migratory movements obligated by saltpeter companies during the 20th Century, with the only difference being that, now, the journey is to another planet: they were chosen to colonize MARS.”

Jofré also points out, “The film was produced in the frame of a collaborative artist’s residence. We had this financing for the professional finalization of the film. These kinds of instances that are understood as work laboratories are my favorites, since it’s not about competing, rather sharing, listening, and learning, and it gives us the possibility for the project to continue growing. I feel that the film’s cut at this moment still hasn’t hit its peak, so Doculab suits us very well.”

On his expectations, he commented, “More than anything, I plan to take advantage of working the instance to the maximum in order to make the edit of this film grow, which is an experience in new and old ways of making cinema. In that sense, the advisory will help us a lot. Meanwhile, I hope to find associates or support for the post-production of this feature film.”



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