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How can I form part of a Chilean delegation that participates in international markets?

You may receive support and financing from three public institutions in order to form part of an official delegation abroad:

a. The Council for the Arts and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA) –which belongs to the Ministry of Cultures, the Arts and Patrimony— is the entity responsible for the SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR PARTICIPATION IN AUDIOVISUAL MARKETS. This program was created to finance national producers’ participation in a list of audiovisual markets, which can be consulted here:

Any producer can apply to this support program. The application is done through the CAIA’s webpage, since this is the entity responsible for receiving applications, evaluating them, and selecting producers. The application must be make according to the guidelines and dates this entity sets out.

CinemaChile is not the entity responsible for selecting delegates to integrate the delegations to the markets that correspond to this support program.

b. Corfo offers a support program for international distribution, through which producers with audiovisual works may apply to a project that considers the participation and assistance to audiovisual markets. The guidelines are available here:

CinemaChile is not the entity responsible for selecting delegates to integrate the delegations to the markets that correspond to this support program.

c. PROCHILE – Industrias Creativas offers a support program that finances airline tickets for producers that attend defined markets that are key to the sector’s development.
You can find more information at

CinemaChile is not the entity responsible for selecting delegates to integrate the delegations to the markets that correspond to this support program.

d. Through PRIVATE means (self-financed), any producer who decides to attend one of the markets that CinemaChile attends through his or her own financing can form part of the official delegation and benefit from the promotion initiatives that we offer at each destiny. In order to do this, it is imperative to inform the CinemaChile team in due time through producció or by responding to the open calls we hold for each film and/or TV audiovisual market through our web page and our social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Finally, CinemaChile and ProChile jointly organize small delegations to participate in markets or industry spaces. This is done through an open call, and an inter-institutional committee carries out a selection. The open calls are published on our web page , which is why we recommend that you check it periodically and keep an eye out for open calls, which are also posted on our social media.

My film was selected to compete in an international festival. How can I finance my attendance and that of the crew (director and actors/actresses)?

The Council for the Arts and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA), which belongs to the Ministry of Cultures, is the entity responsible for the SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR PARTICIPATION IN FESTIVALS –open call-, created in order to finance the participation of Chilean films in the competition sections of a list of festivals (

It is important to check the guidelines for this open call, where the key thing is to apply in time. We recommend applying simultaneously to both the festival and this support program, in order to be within the time limits. Otherwise, applicants run the risk of missing deadlines and not receiving any support, even if the film is selected for an international competition.

CinemaChile does not offer financing for directors, actors, or producers to attend festivals where their films are competing.

As a public-private agency for international promotion, CinemaChile includes the selected films and/or TV series in all of the festival and/or market’s promotion actions, as corresponds, such as stand, press kit, newsletter, video interview, press (general arrangements, not particular), advertising, and other dissemination materials.

Who selects the participants that are included in an international Chilean delegation, and how?

The members of the Audiovisual Council select the producers who will benefit from the support of the Program for Participation in Audiovisual Markets, and therefore will be included in the international convoys and delegations.

Producers must apply to the program within the open call’s time limits, which is why we recommend checking the site on a regular basis.

Does CinemaChile finance airline tickets for participation in festivals or markets?

Only when CinemaChile produces missions for the Audiovisual Council’s Program for Participation in Markets do we take responsibility for the selected delegation, including airfare, lodging, and accreditations. However, it is important to underline that CinemaChile is not the entity responsible for selecting delegates for the missions to markets that belong to this support program, which belongs to the Council for the Arts and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA).

There are also occasions on which CinemaChile holds open calls for financing producers’ attendance to international industry activities working in partnerships with international allies, such as Rotterdam Lab or the Venice Production Bridge, through the Sectorial Brands program.
For this, we recommend that you follow our social media accounts and regularly check our web page , where we publish these open and public calls.

How can I participate in CinemaChile’s International Catalog?

The International Catalog of Chilean Film and the International Catalog of Chilean TV are inclusive (non-selective) publications.
In order to form part of these two important promotion pieces that CinemaChile edits and publishes for the entire sector’s benefit, all you must do is fill out the application form that we post on our website when the catalog’s application period begins, generally at the beginning of January for the film catalog, and in July for the television catalog.

The conditions for including your audiovisual piece are:
– International premiere date between May and May of each year, for film.
– Providing HIGH QUALITY graphic materials (photographs) for each film that applies.
– Submitting the entire application with all of the required information within the deadlines.


I have some news and I’d like to get some press, how can CinemaChile help me?

CinemaChile’s website (the news section) and our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, according to the editorial line) promote and publish all of the news regarding Chile’s film and TV production, focusing mainly on international audiences, and more specifically, on the worldwide audiovisual industry. We don’t have the means for promoting solely Chilean film events or premieres and/or academic activities within the national territory.

We are an entity that promotes the internationalization and exportation of local production. In order to do this, we handle press releases that include the entire industry (for example, delegations on missions to international markets) and don’t act like particular press agents.

For doubts and/or questions and/or sending publishable pieces of news, please write to:,

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