Oustanding Chilean Delegation set to participate in MIP Cancun 2019

Fourteen audiovisual industry professionals will attend the event in order to promote their developing projects and form new partnerships. The delegation will have the on-site support of CinemaChileTV –the sectorial brand for ProChile and the Film and Television Producers Association (APCT)-, which will be attending the market in the Mexican city for its first time.

MIP Cancun 2019 is set to take place from November 20th through the 22nd in Mexico, bringing together the global media and entertainment industry, or in other words, the most influential buyers, representatives, producers, development executives, and distributers in the international television industry and other platforms. The event’s objective is to promote the exchange of ideas and networks, as well as to generate sales, define meetings, hold screenings and conferences, and turn opportunities into lasting business deals.

The event’s relevance and important opportunities for independent projects are what pushed Chile’s participation, organized by CinemaChile, the brand that promotes Chilean audiovisual productions in international film and television markets such as MIP Cancun. CinemaChileTV will be attending this event for the first time in its history in order to consolidate this year’s television contents promotion efforts, which has had successful results in other markets such as the Rio Content Market (Brazil), Conecta Fiction (Spain), and Mipcom (France).

This is how 14 representatives from 12 different production companies will be attending the market, including five producers who will travel thanks to the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts, and Patrimony, through its Support Program for Participation in International Markets, led by the Council for the Arts and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA). The selected producers are Sebastián Freund from Rizoma, Álvaro Cabello from Parox, Juan Ignacio Correa from Fabula TV, Isabel Rosemblatt from Dinogorila, and Francisco Green from Suroeste Films. They will be joined by producers from Invercine & Wood, Forastero, The Magic Factory Producciones, Funky Films, Epika Content, and Film Dub Factory.

Presskit “Chile at MIP Cancun”


Freund (Rizoma) will attend the market with three productions that are in need of coproducers: La cuarta carabela, by Juan Ignacio Sabatini; Winnipeg, by director Alejandro Fernández Almendras; and El niño que llora by Lucio Rojas. Cabello (Parox) will attend with two productions in pursuit of financing –Civilización by Diego Breit and Puente de plata by director Marcela Said— and one project that is looking for coproduction partners, entitled Tristeza, by Rodrigo Susarte. Meanwhile, Correa (Fabula TV) will attend with the production Parque Stocker, directed by Alejandro Fernández Almendras; while Rosemblatt (Dinogorila) will arrive at the Mexican market with two projects looking for broadcasters: Hola Flinko, directed by Rosemblatt herself, and LocosLab, directed by Carlos Ulisse Luz. Finally, Green (Suroeste Films) will attend with the projects Umbral, by Joaquín Matamala, which is looking for financing, and Pajareando aprendo by Eduardo Bartolomé, which is looking for a distributor and exhibition platforms.

Sebastián Freund, a producer at Rizoma and the president of APCT, assures, “The main objective is to find international partners for the coproduction of fiction projects in development stages. Through the meeting scheduled, we are seeking to open up possibilities and move ahead with eventual coproducers and OTTs, to produce projects, in our case, the series La Cuarta Carabela (with a new LATAM version) and the development of the second season of El Verbo Kaifman, based on the successful saga La Trilogía de los Césares, by Chilean writer Francisco Ortega. Another project that will be presented at this market is the horror series El Niño que Llora, with a new version suited for international coproduction. Each one of these projects has the characteristics required for captivating international markets, having been conceived for being structured under a coproduction framework.”

Chile will also stand out at the event thanks to an innovative project that was selected at the MIP Cancun Entertainment Format Pitch section. The project, which is entitled Pachamama, will be presented by Gastón Chedufau, a producer at Las Minas Smart Media. Pachamama is a game show (entertainment format) in which the participants are two teams of teenagers who compete for the decontamination of a specific wilderness area. The show is a combination of traditional Native American care towards the earth and a modern conception of sustainability and environmental protection. The winners will join an expedition to explore Polynesia.


“This is our first time attending MIP Cancun, and being selected has already secured us an international distribution deal with All 3 Media. But our main objective is to have a strong performance at the pitching session. We are conscious of the fact that they’ve received several projects, and that the others are certainly good projects, probably from more consolidated production companies. To Las Minas Smart Media, this is a first step into the world of these formats, and we are starting off with the right foot,” Chedufau assures.

The project Pachamama focuses on the aspect that constantly makes Chilean projects in all formats stand apart from the rest: on the story that lies behind each one of them. Telling relevant and original stories with strong social significance is precisely what the producers who will attend MIP Cancun in these upcoming days will do, with developing projects that navigate through diverse issues, including several that our country is dealing with today.


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