Chilean producers arrive at San Sebastián Festival in search of new agreements

Around now, the 67th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival is taking place, which boasts eight national productions participating in five of the Basque event’s showings. Chile’s presence is complemented by a numerous delegation of professionals currently participating in encounters in the festival’s industry space, representing 21 production houses, and promoting more than 40 film projects in development of diverse genres.

Four of these professionals attended the event backed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through their International Market Attendance program. They are Karina Jury of 17 Producciones and Atómica, Sebastián Freund of Rizoma, Giancarlo Nasi of Quijote FIlms, and Francisco Hervé of Panchito Films.

Jury finds herself at San Sebastián representing 17 Producciones and Atómica. The latter is an audiovisual group with offices in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador with 20 years on the market. Its line of work includes audiovisual production for film, TV, web, and advertising, such as post-production, musical composition, and VFX.

The producer arrived at the market with Matarife by Benjamín Berger, currently in development and seeking sales agents; Las Horribles by Cristóbal Echeverría, which requires a co-production; and Vera de Verdad by Beniamino Catena, which seeks sales agents.

“Matarife”, by Benjamín Berger


Freund arrived in representation of Rizoma Producciones, a company dedicated to the creation, development, and production of fiction content for film and television for national and international markets. He is currently at the Spanish event with three productions seeking co-producers: El Viaje de Emma by Sebastián Araya Serrano; Hierro by Alejandro Fernández Almendras; and El Club de Lulú, of his own authorship.

“El viaje de Emma”, by Sebastián Araya Serrano


Meanwhile, Nasi disembarked on behalf of Quijote Films, an independent production company dedicated to art house cinema. With time, it has earned a lot of experience, which is reflected in its growing number of annual productions, obtaining international recognition and collaborating with local and foreign entities. The producer brings the projects Lina from Lima by María Paz González, a film that recently premiered internationally in the Toronto Film Festival’s Discovery section; In the Shade of Trees by Matías Rojas Valenzuela, a film in post-production seeking financing, and which was present at GAP Financing at the Venice Film Festival; and Blanquita by Fernando Guzzoni, which seeks financing and a sales agent.

“Blanquita”, by Fernando Guzzoni


Hervé will attend with Panchito Films, a production company that proposes to tell stories that help us comprehend human fragility, with a sense of humor, representing humankind’s contradictions. The projects he’s currently promoting are Anacoreta by Francisco Bermejo, a piece in post-production and in search of a world premiere, which previously participated in Rotterdam Lab 2019 and Marché du Film’s Doc Corner. He will also attend with Gran Avenida by Moisés Sepúlveda, in post-production, and La Carola by Juan Francisco Olea and Cristóbal Zapata, in need of co-producers.

“La Carola”, by Juan Francisco Olea and Cristóbal Zapata

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