Trieste Film Festival opens its doors to Chilean cinema

A few days ago, the 34th edition of the Trieste Film Festival began, an event held annually in the Italian city of the same name, which this year contemplates a selection of more than 100 films. According to the festival, “the encounter seeks to highlight the stories of men and women of yesterday and today, that often have memory as a common theme, memory of events that have marked a people as well as familial roots or lost eras”.

Chile’s participation in the event is robust, with films in various categories. Forming part of the Official Selection is Sleeping Disorders (interview below) directed and produced by Paloma Gómez and Camilo Becerra, while in the Contemporary competition are four national films: Raúl Pellegrini by Michelle Ribaut, Las Cruces (interview below) by Teresa Arredondo and Carlos Vásquez Méndez, Zurita by Alejandra Carmona, produced by Eduardo Lobos Barera, and Hoy y no mañana by Josefina Morandé, produced by Consuelo Castillo.

On the other hand, in the category Film and Literature, two films by famed national director Silvio Caiozzi will be exhibited: Cachimba (2004) and Coronation (2000). In addition, a retrospective of director Álvaro Covacevich will take place, where his films To Die A Little (1966), La revolución de las flores (1968), Diálogo de América (1972), Chile, un gran desafío (1973), and La epopeya de los Andes (1976) will be shown.

It is worth mentioning that the artistic director of the Trieste Latin American Film Festival is Chilean Rodrigo Díaz, who signed an alliance with the Lebu Film Festival (Arauco Province, Chile) this year that seeks to promote the distribution and visibility, and foster exchange between national and international directors, bolstering Lebu’s festival as one of the events with the greatest international projection in our country.

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