Ten years of work for Chilean cinema to be “here to stay”

Source: EFE

A decade of work to situate Chilean cinema on marquees all over the world. CinemaChile has managed to position its audiovisual industry at first-rate cinematic events, participating in the world’s big markets and festivals.

Constanza Arena, director of CinemaChile, conversed with EFE and assessed the increase in quality of the Chilean industry, with its thematic and aesthetic diversity, which has allowed it to attract audiences from all over the world. “There’s a very high volume of production, accompanied by a lot of quality and originality in that production. It’s also accompanied by a diversity in the directors’ age. Patricio Guzmán and Thomas Woodroffe, present at San Sebastián, are a very good example of that broad spectrum that we’re covering with audiovisual production today.”

The president of the Association of Film and TV Producers, Sebastián Freund, has commented that, in the ten years that CinemaChile has been alive, the audiovisual industry of its country has carved out a future for itself thanks to the fact that “it hasn’t lost a single opportunity to position itself.”

“We’re forceful, and what we want is for what we’ve achieved in these ten years to not have been in vain, but for ours to be cinema that’s here to stay, as we’ve already been demonstrating through our presence at A Class film festivals all over the world,” Freund stated at the Chilean cinema presentation at the San Sebastián Film Festival at the San Telmo museum.


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