The Largest Chilean Delegation of the Year is Set to Participate in the Argentinean Audiovisual Market Ventana Sur

Close to 80 professionals from the Chilean audiovisual industry will attend Ventana Sur, Latin America’s most important audiovisual market, with the objective of promoting its best projects in different stages of development in hopes of attracting new partners and deals. The delegation will have the on-site support of CinemaChile –the sectorial brand for ProChile and the Film and Television Producers Association (APCT)— which will end its 10th anniversary market and festival circuit at Ventana Sur.

A new version of the Ventana Sur market is set to take place from December 2nd though 6th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event, organized by the National Film And Audiovisual Arts Institute (INCAA) and the Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film, expects to receive over 3000 accredited participants this year, including a robust Chilean delegation consisting of over 80 audiovisual industry professionals, including producers, film students, national festival representatives, and other professionals. The event is considered to be essential for sales agents, distributors, buyers and producers who work in the audiovisual industry, both on regional and global levels. With the on-site support of CinemaChile, the Chilean delegation will have the opportunity to participate in multiple conferences organized by Ventana Sur, as well as coproduction gatherings, work groups, and an agenda filled with meetings and other activities whose sole objective is to promote the region’s cinematographic talents.

It is worth mentioning the large Chilean participation in Ventana Sur includes the arrival of four producers who will be attending the event with the support of the Ministry of Cultures, the Arts, and Patrimony (Mincap), through its Support Program for Participation in International Markets, which belongs to the Council for the Arts and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA). These are Florencia Larrea from Forastero, Daniela Camino from Mimbre Producciones, Catalina Fontecilla from Typpo Creative Lab, and Allan Bortnic from Tres Tercios Producciones. Their projects will form part of a catalog of over 70 films and television series in development stages that address a diverse array of current issues, both social and political, putting together a complete account of present-day Chile.

Projects in Ventana Sur’s Official Sections

The category named Primer Corte, whose objective is to promote Latin American fiction films in post-productions stages, will present the thriller-drama Karnawal by director Juan Pablo Félix, produced by Edson Sidonie and Diego Rougier (Bikini Films). The project is co-produced with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and Norway, and tells the story of a young dancer who, during the Carnaval celebration that takes place on the Bolivian-Argentinean border, is getting ready for the most important dance competition of his life, when he receives an unexpected visit from his father, an uncontrollable thief who will jeopardize his dream.

The FIP Films in Progress section, a film library of projects in post-production stages that will be screened exclusively for programmers of the world’s most prestigious international festivals, will include the experimental film El niño del Plomo by Daniel Dávila, produced by Teresita Ugarte (Kiné Imágenes), and the drama La vida simplemente by Guillermo Salinas, produced by Gonzalo Oyarce (Corporación Fílmica La Marioneta) and Jorge Soto (Ilusión Films).

Blood Window is a Ventana Sur platform dedicated to promoting Latin American talents who specialize in the fantasy genre, an area that with each passing year attracts more enthusiasts from markets all over the world. Two projects directed and produced by women will participate in this space’s laboratory. The first is Aracne, directed by Florencia Dupont and produced by Pilar Díaz (Santiago Independiente), which narrates the story of a young reporter as she investigates a web of high-level corruption with the objective of bringing the story to light through the press. In this midst of the investigation, the reporter meets a sensual singer who helps her, without knowing that she’s actually a spider woman with a plan for vengeance of her own.

The other project is Ancestra, directed by Paulette Lecaros and produced by Yeniffer Fasciani (Niebla Producciones), a project that tells the story of a young mother who returns to her hometown with her children after becoming a widow. What at first seems like a homecoming turns into a dark revelation as the woman discovers that the town is part of sect led by her own mother, who will place her daughter’s life at risk.

Several Chilean professionals will participate in the space entitled Animation!, which seeks to lead the way through the animation industry and promote developers in this area by encouraging strategic alliances and disseminating information about talents. The project Primeras, a 13-episode series directed by Bernardita Ojeda and Bambu Orellana and producer by Catalina Fontecilla, was selected for the Animation! Pitching Sessions. The series is based on true events and tells the story of a woman who defied the rules in order to take over territories reserved solely for men.

The Animation! Pitching Sessions – Feature Films section will feature the participation of the developing film Coda, directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella and produced by Álvaro Ceppi of Zumbastico Studios; and Una historia del Sur, by Camila Álvarez, produced by Pilar Smoje. The science fiction project Vigilados was selected for the specific subsection Animation! WIPS by Annecy. This is a Chilean-Peruvian project directed by GianPierre Yovera and produced by Gabriela Bonilla from Apus. Lastly, the project Coné y Yuyito, directed by José Ignacio Navarro and produced by Jorge Campusano from Lunes, was selected for the Animation! Working Session section.


Proyecta is a space organized together with the San Sebastian Film Festival, and is dedicated to presenting projects that require international partnerships, co-producers, and sales agents. The Chilean productions that will form part of this section are: Noche de Verano by Christian Nawrath, a Chilean-Bolivian project produced by Álvaro Manzano and Vinko Tomicic from Calamar Cine; Delirio by Alexandra Latishev, produced by Cynthia García Calvo from Cyan in co-production with Costa Rica; and Los impactados by Lucía Puenzo, a co-production between Argentina, Chile and France, produced by Nicolás Puenzo from Historia Cinematográficas, in co-production with Fabula, represented by Juan de Dios and Pablo Larraín.


In addition to this comes the presence of finished films in the space that Ventana Sur organizes as market exhibitions, dedicated to Latin American and European films. This year, Chilean films with important international trajectories will be screened in this space: El viaje de monalisa, a documentary directed by Nicol Costa and produced by Mimbre Producciones; El hombre del futuro by Felipe Ríos, produced by Quijote Films; El estreno by Alejandro Fernández Almendras, produced by Jirafa; Lina de lima by María Paz González, produced by Quijote Films; Perro bomba by Juan Cáceres, produced by Infractor Films, Pejeperro and Promenades Films; Algunas Bestias, directed by Jorge Riquelme and produced by Laberinto Films; Blanco en blanco by Theo Court, produced by Viaje Films and Qujiote Films; and Araña by Andrés Wood, produced by Wood Producciones and the current Chilean representative in the race for a nomination for the Oscars and the Goya Awards.


Spain, Argentina, and Chile Co-Production Gathering


Ventana Sur will host the first edition of the Co-Production Gathering organized by Spain’s Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts Institute (ICAA), Chile’s international audiovisual industry promotion brand CinemaChile, and Argentina’s National Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute (INCAA). This initiative also includes the collaboration of AGADIC, Catalan Films, and Basque Audiovisual.


The instance will include a pitching session for developing projects and a rotation of one-to-one meeting amongst the participants, which will take place after the event and during the following days.


From Chile, the projects selected to participate in this gathering are: Il Cileno, produced by Equeco; Mi nuevo estilo de baile, by Carnada Films, Todo sobre Ariel by Chile’s Escuela de Cine; Los años salvajes, produced by Oro Films; and Después de Elena, by Storyboard Media.


“The Path to the Oscars” Conference


To a large part of the industry, the Oscars are the film industry’s mecca. With this in mind, a conference will be held in order to go over the path of two successful films on their paths to the Oscar Awards: the Chilean film Una mujer fantástica, by director Sebastián Lelio, and the Argentinean film El secreto de sus ojos, by Juan José Campanella. The event will be moderated by CinemaChile’s executive director, Constanza Arena, and will include the participation of producers Rocío Jadue (Fabula, Chile) and Muriel Cabeza (Argentina).

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