Chile arrives at the Spanish TV market as Latin America’s country in focus with its best fiction content

For the first time, and at large, our country officially participates in Connect Fiction, Spain’s most important networking platform dedicated to creating content for television fiction between Europe and America. This year Chile is the Latin American Country in Focus, while Italy is the European guest of the event, to be held in Pamplona-Iruña (Navarre) , between 17 and e l 20 June.

The networking platform for the creation of fiction content will have great keynotes, pitching sessions, panels, masterclasses, case studies and workshops. A national delegation of Chilean audiovisual professionals will participate in these activities and will also expand their networks; being part of this event that promotes the exchange and internationalization between authors, product and television networks of the countries present for, the creation, production and broadcast of television fiction content.


The Chilean delegation , which will count on the ground with the support of CinemaChile – a sectorial trademark of ProChile, and the Association of Film and Television Producers (APCT) -, will be composed of 26 professionals who represent 18 production companies (AGTV, High Andes Films, Catascopio, Jealous, Ceneca Prod UCTIONS, DDRio Studies, Filmosonido, Invercine & Wood,Manifactura Movie, Mediapro, Parox, Promocine, Rhizome, Tridi 3D Films, Villano, Yagán Films, Zona Cinema and the voice dubbing studio, Corgui Audio ); and between all of them will promote more than 35 series in different stages of production belonging to multiple genres such as police genre, thrillers, dramas, fantasy series , suspense, and historical or based on real events, thus representing a complete offer for international co-production and distribution .

All these projects are part of the new International TV Catalog 2019-2020, made by CinemaChile under its specific brand CinemaChileTV, which will be officially launched in Conecta Fiction. A piece that contains 60 new Chilean series, among fiction, nonfiction and animation productions, finished and in development, bringing together established producers and young talents, positioning a wide variety of innovative productions on an international platform.

The participation of Chile in the Spanish meeting will also be supported by the Production Development Corporation (Corfo ) . Felipe Mujica, Manager Chilecreativo – Strategic National Program for Creative Economy Corfo – says that “the support of Chile’s participation in Connect Fiction is aligned with the interest of Corfo in promoting the development of the audiovisual sector in our country and even more in a relevant international instance that has put Chile as ‘Country in Focus’ in this year. On the other hand, it seeks to open up this industry to new markets, which is what has been proposed through its Chilecreativo Strategic Program, and with the creation of different initiatives such as, for example, the Audiovisual Inversions Attraction Fund for high impact. With this, it seeks to generate added value, strengthen human capital and strengthen the image of Chile abroad. Mujica adds: “In particular, the audiovisual sector has been a pioneer in activating lines of promotion that companies and associations of the creative industries do not normally use, such as the lines of Guarantee Funds used by Fabula for an important national production in 2018, through which a credit could be obtained in Banco Estado. This is a good example of how to take advantage of other investment lines different from subsidies and associative instruments, available within Corfo .”

To help support this entity, the participation of Ignacio Villalabeitía , Director of Development of the National Council of Television (CNTV ) and Inés Havraneg , Head of the Content Unit of the CNTV , will be added, further showing the presence of our country that will demonstrate the work and joint effort being carried out by public and private entities for the development of the Chilean audiovisual industry.


Three national productions will participate in the Copro Pitch Series sessions, consisting of international co-production projects of series or mini-series for television. Those selected will have the opportunity to present themselves before all the accredited professionals from America and Europe who attend the meeting. In addition, TVE will finance the development of at least one of the fiction projects that are exposed.

– “The saddest goal”: Historical drama of 4 chapters directed by Sergio Castro and produced by Macarena López, of Manufacture of Films. Synopsis: Chile, 1973. The eliminatory games for the World Cup of Germany ’74 are played while the political instability looms over the government of Allende. The decisive match is with the Soviet Union that a few days after the military coup of Pinochet breaks diplomatic relations with Chile. In a climate of uncertainty and confusion, a group of 22 players led by a threatened coach travels to the Soviet capital to try to play the match that will change their lives forever.

“The saddest goal”, by Sergio Castro

– “On the border”, police series. Directed by Gabriel Díaz and David Miranda, produced by Marcos de Aguirre, of Filmo Estudios – Filmosonido. The series of 8 chapters tells the story of Detective Manuela Valencia, who is investigating a brutal murder in southern Chile, in the middle of the conflict between the indigenous communities and the Chilean State. When the case uncovers a metastasis of corruption, it puts Manuela’s faith in the rule of law in that she has sworn to defend in jeopardy.

– “The cliff”, drama of 6 chapters. Directed by Martín Hodara and Tomás Coste , produced by Jimena Hernández , of the production company Mediapro Chile . It tells the story of Miguel, a 50- year-old bus driver who, after a tragic accident for which he feels responsible, dedicates his life to saving lives on the edge of a cliff.

The presence of Chilean actress Daniela Vega will be with the aforementioned. The protagonist of A Fantastic Woman (Chile), winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film 2018, will travel from Italy, where she is currently filming, to join the Chilean delegation and participate in the Opening Gala of Conecta Fiction . Vega was chosen by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018; She is currently preparing a documentary on women leaders and is one of the protagonists of the new television series by Fabula called “La Jauría”, produced in co-production with the prestigious producer of British origin Fremantle .

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