Potent narratives continue their festival circuit

Two films that had a successful premiere last September will continue presenting to new world audiences. White on White by Theo Court and Lina from Lima by María Paz González will arrive at film festivals in North America and Europe.

The feature film White on White by Theo Court, which premiered last September at the Venice Film Festival, continues to conquer the globe, this time about to premiere for the first time in Mexico while broadening its circuit through Europe. These new selections come as an addition to the significant international trajectory that the film has had, where the initial kick-off was its world premiere in the Orizzonti section at the Venice Film Festival, which granted him the award for Best Director.

The film, starring Alfredo Castro, will land on March 5th at the UNAM International Film Festival (FICUNAM), where it will be exhibited for the first time to a Latin American audience in the International Competition category, to later head to the prestigious Festival of Toulouse, which will begin on March 20th.

White on White by Theo Court


White on White is an international co-production between Quijote Films (Chile), El Viaje Films (Spain), and Pomme Hurlante Films (France). It takes place in the early 20th Century in Tierra del Fuego, and was thus filmed in Chilean Patagonia as well as Lanzarote, Spain.

Giancarlo Nasi, the film’s producer, referred to the importance of premiering at said festivals. “Toulouse is the perfect place for the French premiere, since traditionally it’s a festival of resistance and iron-clad commitment to diverse and pluralistic struggles that arise in Latin America.” Meanwhile, regarding Ficunam, he mentioned, “It has been characterized for years as bringing radical, strong, different, and daring cinema to Mexico. And we believe that it’s the perfect place to premiere White on White in Mexico for those same reasons.”

In the words of Court, “White on White seeks to portray the destiny of a society forged over death, a story of invisible guilt in which we participate daily. A burden that our protagonist carries, in a virgin land marked by the horror of genocide.”

Following its success in Venice, the film was presented at the Vienna Film Fest and those of Gante, Busan, Rotterdam, El Gouna, Thessaloniki, Minsk, Gijón, and the India Film Festival, among others.

Lina from Lima continues its international circuit

It’s a film that seeks to delve into a woman’s roots, and not within the confines of her immigrant label, focusing its narrative on her doubts and ponderings. That’s Lina from Lima, the first fiction film by Chilean director María Paz González, which had its premiere at the latest edition of the Toronto Film Festival in the Discovery section, and will soon be part of the program at the Miami Film Festival, which begins on March 6th.

Produced by renowned documentary filmmaker Maite Alberdi and producer Giancarlo Nasi (Quijote), the colorful film was made along with Argentina (Gema Films) and Peru (Carapulkra) and stars famed Peruvian actress Magaly Solier (La teta asustada), who interprets a Peruvian immigrant that has lived for some time in Chile for work.

Regarding the above, González declares, “Many stories and many people inspired the development of Lina. My main challenge was to not turn the film into a drama about immigrants, but rather to focus on the story of a woman.” Thus, Lina from Lima weaves itself out of the plot of a comedy or dramedy, that is, it’s a drama with touches of comedy that also has musical episodes to go along exploring the inner world of the character.

The film has gone through other world film events such as the Palm Springs Festival and that of Mar del Plata, while its national premiere was at the Valdivia Film Festival, where it won the award for Best National Film. It is expected to have its national theater release in Chile on March 18th.

Lina from Lima by María Paz González


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