Feature “Karnawal” triumphs at Toulouse Films in Progress

The film Karnawal by Juan Pablo Félix was recognized with the main prize at the 37th edition of Toulouse Films in Progress, an event whose objective is to facilitate the finalization of Latin American feature films. This instance, which was set to take place on March 26 and 27 in the context of the Toulouse Latin America Film Festival, had to be canceled due to the global health emergency decreed following the propagation of Covid-19, and the deliberation of winners was done via a digital platform.

Karnawal stars actor Alfredo Castro and is currently in post-production. It is co-produced by Picardía Films (Chile), BKN Films (Argentina), 3 Moinhos Producoes (Brazil), Londra Films (Bolivia), and Phototaxia Pictures (Mexico). It tells the story of a young dancer who, during Carnaval on Argentina’s border with Bolivia, prepares himselr for the most important dance competition of his life, when he receives an unexpected visit from his father, an uncontrollable thief who will put his dream in danger.

The film’s executive producer, Diego Rougier, comments, “This award is important because developing a film implies many stages, and each one of them is very important. This is the last time we’ll show the film before its premiere, and being recognized with this main award from Toulouse Latin America Film Festival, a festival of this calibre, is like a recognition for all of the work we’ve done until now. It’s the gateway to our world premiere, which we hope will be soon, so we’re enthusiastic about it, it fills us with pride and gives us strength to face the road ahead.”

In addition to the Films in Progress award, the piece has obtained other important recognitions at development instances such as the 1st edition of the First Film Award 2016, ICAA; the Sørfond Award from the Norwegian Film Institute, 2017; the EFADs-CACI Europe-Latin America Co-Production Grant, San Sebastián Film Festival 2016; the IBERMEDIA Award 2017; and the Le Film Francais Award, among others.

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